Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fantasy Football Wavier Wire Pickups For Week 2

Pickup Lines 
by Tom O'Mara

I was out at a local drinking establishment last week when a patron, who had obviously been there too long leaned over to me... "Do you play Fantasy Football?" Realizing what was about to come, I nodded yes, and braced myself at the bar. Here it comes. I know its coming. Spit it out. "I just had my draft. I had the 1st overall pick and I took 'All Day' Peterson. I'm gonna crush everyone!" I thought to myself "this guy has obviously been in this bar ALL DAY."

I'm sure this has happened to every single Fantasy Football player out there. Someone, hopefully not as liquored up as THAT guy, has regaled you with how amazing he/she did at his/her draft. They had the first pick. They had the last pick. They had the best pizza. It all does NOT matter.

Fantasy Football leagues are not won on draft day. Sure, having a great draft may improve your chances, but leagues can only be LOST on draft day. Leagues are won through knowledge, cleverness, ingenuity, and persistence throughout the season. Anyone can draft an "All Day"... even someone smelling of scotch and tequila (really dude? Scotch AND Tequila? Bad bad mix). But, how many people can find this years' Alfred Morris or Russell Wilson? That, is how you win your Fantasy League.

This column will help you be THAT guy... no, not the guy who reeks of cheap booze, but the guy who takes down his league. The guy who can stand proudly at the end of the season with your league's trophy held high. Ok, ok... after you win, you can be the guy reeking of booze.... And please, I beg of you, don't mix Scotch and Tequila.


These are players that are widely available in leagues. If Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees are available, by all means, pick them up... And then, please invite me into THAT league next season!


Terrelle Pryor

Only three players rushed for over 100 yards last week. Pryor was one of them. Yes, he plays for a bad (I mean really bad) football team but he is a starting quarterback that can get you points with his legs and arm. Of course there will be ups and downs, and it may get ugly at times, but his running ability will help make up for that. I can see him throwing for 2 TDs this week, and possibly running one in.

Philip Rivers

It pains me to say this (you don't know how much it pains me) but Philip Rivers actually looked pretty good on Monday night. He still has decent weapons to throw to, and a running game that seems to have improved. Both Ryan Matthews and Ronnie Brown can catch balls out of the backfield to pad Rivers' stat line, and this week, he faces a Philly defense that was not very impressive in the second half against Houston. I think Rivers will have to play catch up this week, and may get some junk time stats... but they all count the same.

Chad Henne

Blaine Gabbert is awful, and I think I might be insulting the word awful. And now, Gabbert is awful with a lacerated hand that required stitches. Henne will start this week, and should be able to remain the Jacksonville starter for the foreseeable future. With Cecil Shorts (underrated) and Justin Blackmon (top 20 caliber WR when he returns from suspension in 3 weeks), Henne has the weapons. He's also got Maurice Jones Drew coming out of the backfield catching passes in a contract year. Henne could be a top 15 QB when all is said and done... and again... he's NOT Blaine Gabbert.

Running Backs

Bryce Brown

30. Not a typo. 30. The Philadelphia Eagles ran 30 plays in the FIRST quarter on Monday Night Football. In Chip Kelly's upbeat offense, I expect the Eagles to run so many plays, so fast, that even the waterboys and kickoff tee retriever will have fantasy value. Seriously. McCoy is a beast, and he had 31 touches, but if Philly is going to survive the season, Shady is going to need a bit more rest. Brown is the clear #2, and will be very fantasy relevant this season. And if you are really desperate, The philly cheerleaders may be available in your league.

Ronnie Brown

Yes, THAT Ronnie Brown. Two things that really surprised me on Monday night, in regards to the San Diego game (other than Philip Rivers looking pretty good- see above)... First, Ronnie Brown looked good. Yup, not just good as a backup. He looked like he ran the ball really well. That has value in any league. Secondly, Ryan Matthews made it through the entire game- with BOTH collarbones intact! Seriously, does anyone believe Matthews will play 16 games this season? Ronnie Brown is the backup, and will have MORE total fantasy points this season than Ryan Matthews. Don't believe me? Thats your right, but when your opponent grabs him and beats you one week, you WILL be that guy boozing it up at the bar.

Brandon Jacobs

Oops! David Wilson just fumbled again. Oops! He dropped his playbook. The NY Giants just signed Brandon Jacobs to a 1 year deal. Yes, Jacobs is one bad hit away from blowing out his knee... again. However, one thing that Tom Coughlin has shown, is that he will NOT tolerate a RB that fumbles the ball. David Wilson has two fumbles this season... in a HALF. If Jacobs can stay healthy, and that's a big if, he can be a fantasy value. Even if Wilson can work his way out of the doghouse, Jacobs is a big bruising back that can receive goal line work. And goal line work means points.

Wide Receiver

Julian Edelman
4 words. Tom Brady. Danny Amendola. Amendola spends more time on the bench with injuries, than the Kardashians spend in the gossip columns. Edelman has shown that he has Brady's trust, and he will fill in that void. And with reports that Amendola will sit out Thursday Night's game versus the NY Jets, Edelman is poised for another great one.

Stephen Hill

The Jets WILL be down in this game. Down BIG. Geno Smith will have to throw the ball, and with Jeremy Kerley out with a concussion, and Santonio Holmes still hobbled with his foot, those throws will have to go somewhere. They will go to Stephen Hill, who has the size and athleticism that a wide receiver needs. Unfortunately, his rookie season also showed that he didn't have the hands. That will change Thursday night.

Marlon Brown

Besides Torrey Smith, Joe Flacco and the Ravens have no other standout receiver. Brown had a nice game replacing Jacoby Jones (who is out 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain). He ran crisp routes, and has stood out among the rest of the Ravens. He should be owned.

Justin Blackmon

Blackmon should NOT be on this list. He should be owned but he IS available in a high percentage of leagues. Why? Yes, he is serving a suspension, and will be out for the next 3 games. BUT, he also has top 20 WR potential with Chad Henne throwing the ball to him. Get him NOW because he won't be on the wire for long.

Tight End

Kellen Winslow

As stated above, I expect the Jets to be down in this game. Geno Smith will be throwing, and Winslow is one guy that will be catching. He appears to have good chemistry with Smith, and there will definitely be some junk time scoring here.

Dallas Clark

Someone needs to X-Ray Ed Dickson's hands to see if there are actual bricks under his skin. Ed Dickson can't catch. Dallas Clark can (although he did drop a sure TD pass last week). While the defense will be chasing Torrey Smith and Marlon Brown down the field, Dallas Clark will do what he has always done... catch the balls in the middle of the field. Sure, he's lost a step or two, and he wasnt quite fleet footed to begin with, but he will be a consistent fantasy scorer.

Garrett Graham

Pure upside pick here. Matt Schaub trusts him. Matt Schaub likes throwing to Andre Johnson and to his tight ends. I'm predicting at least 8 TDs this year for Graham, and that, my friends, is fantasy gold.

Now... get to work... the season didn't begin on draft day. The season begins NOW.

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