Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups Week 4

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

True Story...

"It was HIS fault. He's the reason we have to do it over!"
The look on my face was of utter disbelief and fear. You see, the finger was being pointed at me. And not just ANY finger... It was the finger of a childhood idol of mine. The finger of a superstar more known for his pronounced jaw, and oversized lips... Steven Tyler...Rock Legend and lead singer of Aerosmith.

I was near tears. My career in TV was ending right before my eyes... before it even began. I was only an intern, and i was being ostracized by the talent. Not just ANY talent, but by a legend. By someone who could see to it that I never worked in the business... ever.... It was the LONGEST 5 minutes of my life....

Steven spoke again, and I was shaking at the thought of what was next.
"Nah, I'm just kidding." And followed that with his signature laugh. My heart begin to beat again.

Now, why am I telling you this story in a Fantasy Football column? Because it's a cool story! But really, what I failed to tell you was that I had spent 12 hours with Steven that day, and we had spoken. I told him that I was a student at Boston University, and that I was "just an intern" on this music video, and that I was there to learn. Steven turned to me and gave me some valuable life advice... "Never stop learning." So, he had decided to have some fun (at my heart's, and quite possibly my underwear's expense!)

Now, if you had known the ENTIRE story from start to finish, you may have known that Steven was just playing around with me, but because I only gave you a sampling, the story had a completely different context. The same is true of any player in Fantasy, whether it be Fantasy Baseball, Football, or any of the games you can play.Just because a player had a good game, it doesn't necessarily mean that he has future value. You need to hear "the whole story." Everything from the weather, future matchups, injuries, past history, etc. needs to be taken into consideration. Remember that when your placing your waiver claims... Now, let's Rock!

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If LeSean McCoy or Calvin Johnson are available, please pick them up... And stop joining leagues filled with Justin Bieber/One Direction fans.


Terrelle Pryor
Still widely available in Fantasy Leagues, Pryor will garner you points with his arm and with his legs. And remember, even junk time stats count, and those stats are probably the easiest to get... and make no mistake about it, there will be plenty of junk time in every Raiders' game. With Aaron Rogers & Cam Newton on bye weeks this week, I suggest you Walk This Way.

Geno Smith
Similar to Pryor, Geno is available in an abundance of leagues. He has the arm and legs, and his receivers are beginning to Come Together. Santonio Holmes seems to be recovering from his foot injury, and will be a huge weapon and Stephen Hill has shown some ability to go along with the raw talent that made him a top draft choice two years ago. He will make some rookie mistakes, but if you think he cant help your team, Dream On.

Brian Hoyer
Hoyer took over the Browns' QB job because of the injury to Brandon Weeden, and probably because Weeden is just bad... Not JUST bad, Weeden is downright awful. Hoyer had a huge game this weekend and it wouldn't be wise to expect him to be THAT good, but he does have a very talented receiver in Josh Gordon, who just came back from a suspension. You won't be on a Permanent Vacation with Hoyer, but he's no Rag Doll.

Running Backs

Jason Snelling
With Steven Jackson expected to be out for the next 2-3 weeks, Snelling makes a strong play. He's splitting the carries in Atlanta's backfield with Jacquizz Rodgers, but Snelling is a more trusted pass catcher, and Atlanta's goal line back. With bye weeks approaching, you could do a lot worse. Pickup Snelling for a FLEX spot, and I think your team will be just F.I.N.E.

Brandon Bolden
Bolden actually STARTED this past Sunday for the Patriots. Bolden played the role of Shane Vareen/Danny Woodhead, catching passes and acting as a change of pace back. It may be a long shot for Bolden, but with Steven Ridley underachieving, and prone to fumbling, Bolden may begin to see a larger role in this offense. He's shown that he does have... yes... wait for it... here it is... What It Takes.

Danny Woodhead
Everywhere Woodhead goes, he succeeds. An undersized, overutilized RB that has had success with both the Patriots and the Chargers. He followed up his 65 yards in week 2, with 86 yards in week 3.... including 7 receptions. Phillip Rivers looks for Woodhead, and has been hitting the back for some valuable yardage. And let's be honest... how many of you think that Ryan Matthews will be able to survive a full season in the NFL? (He hasn't yet!)... If, errr...when Matthews goes down, Woodhead will see a major boost.  You'd be Crazy not to pick Woodhead up, especially if you are Living on the Edge with Matthews.

Wide Receiver

Stephen Hill/Santonio Holmes
Geno Smith is NOT Mark Sanchez. Geno Smith can throw. Who will he be throwing to? Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill. Holmes is proving that his foot injury is behind him, while Hill is proving that he can run routes and catch the ball. I would put more faith in the All Star Holmes, but if he is unavailable in your league, Hill will be your bye week Angel.

Donnie Avery
Alex Smith HATES his #1 WR. Hates him with a passion. No, he doesn't specifically hate Dwayne Bowe. He hates all of his #1 WRs. Alex Smith checks down. Alex Smith runs. Alex Smith throws the ball away. He will NOT throw the ball into tight coverage. And where is that tight coverage? Its all around Dwayne Bowe. Avery leads the Chiefs in receptions AND receiving yardage... Avery will continue to be an integral part of this offense. Andy Reid loves to throw the ball, and Avery will be the recipient of a lot of those throws. I'm picking Avery up because I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. (OK- that was a horrible reference to a great Aerosmith song BUT YOU TRY TO DO THIS!)

Tight End

Heath Miller
Pittsburgh can't run the ball. Pittsburgh can't protect the QB. Roethlisberger will look for his favorite remaining target... Heath Miller. Heath Miller has been a TD target for Big Ben for years, and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Now that Heath Miller is back from his injury, it will be the Same Old Song and Dance.

Coby Fleener
Fleener will continue to be a red zone target for Andrew Luck, and his value has gone way up since the season ending injury to starting TE Dwayne Allen. If you have Jermichael Finley on Bye this week, run out and pick up Fleener.... you won't be Cryin'

And remember the words of Steven Tyler, "Never Stop Learning!"

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