Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups For Week 3

Pickup Lines
by Tom O'Mara

I have a friend, and for this column's purpose, we'll call him Steve. Now Steve was basically a real life version of a "Jersey Shore" character. He worked out. He enjoyed plenty of tasty adult beverages. He juggled girlfriends, at the same time. Yes, I said girlfriends... plural. One time, on Valentine's day years ago, Steve had 3 dates, at 3 separate times, in the same hotel. Now, don't get me wrong. He treated all of them with the utmost respect, and they enjoyed his company... of course, they didn't know about each other. I could never do it. I was always a one girl type of guy. One day, I just had to ask him "Why? Why not pick one and settle down?" His response became a strategy that, to this day, I still use with my Fantasy Football teams....

"I never know who I'll want to be with on a particular night. One girl is into concerts. Another hates concerts but loves to dance. They each have different attributes, that depending upon what I'm up for, come in handy."

Your Fantasy Football regular season is 13 Weeks of head to head action. Your team needs to win as MANY of those weeks as possible... it doesn't matter HOW you win those weeks, so long as you win.

With your draft, you built a foundation. With waiver wire pickups, you enhance that foundation. The mistake a lot of players make is that they constantly look for that "perfect girl" to settle down with. Why? Why not pickup one "girl" this week, and a different one next week. You have no need to settle down... you just need "her" to help you to a win THAT week. If a backup running back looks like he might get a start for one week, and that will help you win ONE game, why not pick him up? You can dump him the next week for someone that will help THAT week. If you play your waiver wire "cards" right, you may just settle down at the end of the season... with a championship trophy.

These are players that are available in leagues. As always, If Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson are available, please pick them up... And immediately de-friend all of your league members, because they know nothing about football....


Terrelle Pryor
With another 50 yards rushing in week 2, Pryor has the proven ability to get points with his legs. His throwing ability needs to improve in order to be a legitimate fantasy starter, but he is suitable for 2 QB leagues or as a bye week fill in in deeper leagues... and he would probably be a good dance partner.

Philip Rivers
Last week, I stated that it was hard for me to include Rivers in this column. But again, Rivers had a great day. I'm not sure what Rivers did during the offseason, but apparently, one thing he DID do was drive over 88 MPH in a Delorean created by Old Doc Brown. 1.21 Jigawatts! This will be the last week that Rivers will be available on your waiver wire... get him.

EJ Manuel
Did you see that last minute comeback EJ Manuel concocted against Carolina? Yeah... so did everyone else in your league. Bye weeks are coming. Stash him while you still can.

Running Backs

James Starks
Starks was the biggest surprise of Sunday, and will easily be the top waiver wire claim for the week. Eddie Lacey left Green Bay's backfield after 1 play in the first quarter with what was diagnosed as a concussion... Yup, the dreaded "C" word. Concussions can last a few days, or they can last as long as a Britney Spears marriage... wait, those are only a few days too... Point is, no one can know how long Lacey will be out, and Starks will be a great "girl" to add until Lacey comes back.

Bernard Pierce
In a Sunday full of injuries, Ray Rice went down with a Hip Flexor problem. Again, no one knows whether he can play this week, and even if he does, he'll probably be limited. Buy Pierce a drink, get his number, and pick him up.

Brandon Jacobs
David Wilson looked awful for the Giants this week. He didn't fumble. You know what else he didn't do? He didn't TOUCH the ball anywhere near the goal line. Jacobs got the goal line carry, and converted... a lot more of those are coming for Jacobs.

Wide Receiver

Eddie Royal
Another popular waiver claim for this week. Available in about 75% of fantasy leagues, Royal will be added in every. single. one. He leads the NFL with FIVE... yes, i said FIVE touchdowns. Obviously, that pace will not continue, but he has the confidence of his QB and might be the best "date" you've ever had this season.

Austin Pettis
With 11 targets, and a great game this past Sunday, Pettis has shown that he can have big games. Sam Bradford has the faith in him. And more importantly, there aren't many better options in St. Louis.

Mohamed Sanu
Playing across from, and in the slot, opposite AJ Green will get you targets. It will also get you single coverage and open fields to catch the ball. Stash him now, before he shows the consistency that I think he will. Once he does that, he may be out of your league.

Justin Blackmon
Last Chance... I repeat... This may be your last chance to acquire a top 20 wide receiver off of the waiver wire. He will be back from his suspension in 2 weeks, and if he's available in your league.... he WON'T be next week. TOP 20 talent on the waiver wire... get him now.

Tight End

Charles Clay
A monster game this weekend from Clay and the Dolphins. Clay is listed as a tight end but the Dolphins also use him as a Full Back... where he scored on a goal line carry. Oh yeah... he also had 5 catches for 109 yards. If he's going to get the occasional goal line TD and Catch passes, he could be a keeper.

Coby Fleener
With one TD this weekend, and another called back on a penalty, Fleener has garnered the trust of Andrew Luck. With a lot of options on the Colts, Fleener may have some off games, but he may be worth a flier if your desperate for a bye week replacement.

Garrett Graham
I'm listing him again this week because he is STILL widely available in leagues... He shouldn't be. He caught a TD in week 1, and followed that up by catching a TD pass in week 2. Matt Schaub likes... no... LOVES throwing to his tight ends. I'll repeat my prediction from last week... Graham will catch 7-8 TDs at LEAST.... I think he's a top 10 tight end by the end of the season.

Ok... now get out there and find the girls... yes, GIRLS of your dreams... just don't settle down.... And for the record, Steve found the keeper, and is now married with kids.

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