Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fantasy Football Free Agent Picks ups

Deep Threats
Advice for those of you without rosters resembling a Pro Bowl team

These start suggestions and free-agent pickups are recommendations for leagues that feature a minimum of 12 teams. While it would have been nice to “pick-up” Jordan Cameron last week, some of you (me) actually drafted him and thus should not be ridiculed with suggestions of using him as a “nice replacement” for Greg Olsen during his bye. Each week, should this column be appreciated, I will highlight a player at each position that is owned in under 35% of yahoo leagues that should be owned by you. I will also pick one player that I believe will score more than 12 pts in standard fantasy scoring and help you win your week. Feel free to chastise, castigate, berate or otherwise “diss and zing” my choices by screaming at me on twitter @CamDorrett.

WR: Santana Moss – Owned in 21% of Yahoo Leagues.
  • I know, I know, the man is 34 years old and about as strong and tall as a blade of grass. That being said, he was in the Pro Bowl! Yes, it was 2005, but some of that athleticism/savvy-veteran-trickery has to be left in the tank…right? His highness Robert Griffin the 3rd targeted him 9 times last week. This week he gets to face the Oakland Raiders, a team that missed 19 tackles last week and employs a Grade 8 gym class as a secondary. Moss may not have significant value going forward, but is a nice play in the first bye-week of the season. Don’t be afraid to run him out there if you need help in the WR3 spot, after all, someone has to catch the balls RG3 throws…here’s to hoping it’s not the other team.

RB: Ronnie Hillman – Owned in 21% of Yahoo Leagues
  • The oft-forgot 3rd head of Denver’s ugly RBBC (running back by committee), Mr. Hillman refuses to be forgotten by his coaches. While reports of his touchdown run against the Raiders suggest he won it “fair-and-square” with a game of rock,paper,scissors against his teammates, video footage suggests Hillman went with the always trusted rock and actually beat Moreno. Don’t be fooled, it was always the plan to give Hillman the carry. Denver faces a Saints team that has vastly improved their passing defense, thus creating more opportunities for Hillman to prove his worth. Look for him to get another sneaky vulture touchdown, whether he wins a game of I Spy on the sidelines or not.
TE: Coby Fleener – Owned in 30% of Yahoo Leagues
    While some of you may already own Andrew Luck’s favorite target in college, many of you may be having ideas of sitting him this week. Unless you own one of the more consistent tight ends in the league, I would start the 6’6, 250 lb Stanford-record-setting-18-touchdown-monster over the likes of Kyle Rudolph, Jermaine Gresham, Brandon Myers and Fred Davis to name a few this week. He gets to play the Jacksonville Meerkats, a defense that allowed Seattle’s tight ends (who?) to rack up 112 yards and 2 touchdowns last week. With nagging injuries to the likes of T.Y. Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey, look for Fleener to hook up with his college drinking buddy at least once in the paydirt this weekend.

QB: Terrelle Pryor – Owned in 23% of Yahoo Leagues.
    Quick! Who has more points this season at Quarterback? Tony Romo or Terrelle Pryor? Ok fine, Tony Romo….by 0.5-3 points! (depending on how your league scores).  That’s not a typo. Once again, while many of you savvy owners may have already picked up “King Pryor” (Pennsylvania’s nickname, not mine) many of you may again leave him on your bench this week. This will be a mistake. Pryor is facing a Washington flag-football defense that cannot stop the ball in the air, or ground, let alone a player that is dangerous at doing both. If Oakland falls behind early…which they will, look for Pryor to do the majority of his damage in the second half. Oh, and if you’re bored and aren’t convinced, here’s a video of Jon Gruden saying weird stuff to him, courtesy of deadspin:

DEF: Tennesee/Indianapolis  - Both Owned in 32% of Yahoo Leagues.
    For those of you who like to plug and play your defenses because you’re letting Shane Vereen and Michael Crabtree play Go Fish! in two of your roster spots, let these defenses carry you to… a slightly above average point total. They both have excellent matchups (TEN v NYJ and IND v JAX) and have proved that they are teams that can win with their defense. I could impress you with their combined takeaways (10), and sacks (18), or simply refer to the fact that again…they are playing competition better reserved for the CFL. Do not hesitate to walk these guys down the runway, and hold on to them for a week or two.

My Brian Hartline pick of the week. Each week I will suggest a player that once again is owned in under 35% of Yahoo Leagues who I predict will help their owners win by scoring at least 12 points. Is it unfair to name this section the Brian Hartline section? Probably, but let me know if you truly envisioned “Brian Goaline” being the 41st ranked fantasy player amongst all eligible offense this season….

Drumroll Please….

Cordarelle Patterson! The man with “video-game” talent already has a beautiful return touchdown and can no longer be ignored by the infamous Bill Musgrave, a man who threw more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (1) during his illustrious NFL career. The ball will find its way into Patterson’s hands this weekend, and regardless of how good the Bear’s defense is at generating fumbles, who is going to catch a man that ran a 10.54!!!!! in the 1000 meter dash if he finds a hole? I predict 13.68 points for Patterson this weekend, for no reason whatsoever.

Good luck this week, and if you have any questions, or simply want to harass me, find me on twitter at @CamDorrett.

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  1. Great article man! Just picked up Terrelle Pryor with Cam Newton on Bye Week!