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Fantasy Football My guess is better then yours

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By Mike Fabber
SportsWiseGuy contributor

My Guess is Better Than Yours( My Advice Brings All the Boys to the Yard) with Coach Mike Fabber Cash in Late

“You should listen to me because I have won thousands of dollars playing fantasy sports. But you shouldn’t listen to me because I have lost thousands of dollars playing fantasy sports.”- Coach Mike Fabber

Another week closer to real football means fantasy drafts are happening left and right. This past Sunday I had the most important draft of the year. I play many leagues (14 this year) but this one is the one! A bunch of guys that time has drifted apart - but not for this day, even though only half the league could actually make it this year (sad theme music) it was still an amazing time. Exactly what it was supposed to be: great food (that’s bad for you), lots of wise cracks, and even more laughs & memories I will hang onto for a long time. The draft might not have gone the way I was hoping in the mid rounds but it was still an amazing time. They made me think how I could recover in the late rounds with picks that gives me an immeasurable upside with no risk factor, so this is what I came up with:

Let me also vent something that has been driving me loony recently, especially with my twitter family. Do not buy the hype; there is no such thing as a 12th round bust!!! At this point you shouldn’t be drafting needs but rather just hopes. If these guys make your Cinderella run to a championship possible by showing up one week or 10 weeks awesome, if not no sweat it’s all free that late. If they don’t hit, it cost you nothing so let it go and claim away (waiver wire). So take some risk and reach a little if you really believe the 3rd back for the Dallas Cowboys will get a chance to surprise the world and give you bragging rights because you called it!!! So this is about cashing in late and some players with great value in their average draft position (ADP).


Eli Manning, QB NYG: Maybe you are new to football but this guy can play. He can put up top tier numbers and might again with everyone finally healthy. You can him in the 10th round and he might have a starter like year. Split backs in Brown and Wilson and a receiving core with big names like Cruz, Nicks, Randle, and Myers. This could be a steal!

Carson Palmer, QB ARI: He put up over 4,000 yards with a mediocre team at best in Oakland. Now he is with one of the best receivers in the game and a pass happy coach, I think the numbers will only get better. Of course you will live with the turnovers if he is scoring td’s while doing so but remember the more they get down the more he will throw. He is going in the beginning of the 12th round!

Ryan Tannehill, QB Mia and Phillip Rivers, QB SD: Both of them are going in the middle of the 14th round and both have some weapons to throw to. These guys can easily be perfect fill in guys for bye weeks or injuries and cost you nothing.


Bilal Powell, RB NYJ: You can grab him at the end of the 11th or beginning of 12th round. He is backing up a running back that has never carried the bulk of carries and is already dealing with injuries. He also looked good for the most part and is on a team that will have to establish the run if they want a chance to win games. This pick could turn out to be gold for your team in the 12th round, that’s beautiful!

LaMichael James, RB SF: Frank Gore is getting older and has a lot of miles under his belt already. I said I fear him breaking down this year and SF using change of style backs more often with a full blown read offense. James is available late in the 12th round and could turn into a starting back but will still see some action. This kid is quick like lightning and good hands, like to see him used out of backfield more in pass plays as well.

Joseph Randle, RB DAL: Ok, he hasn’t had a good preseason at all but neither did most of the Dallas backs. Murrey is fragile and Dunbar unproven so if anything goes down this youngster should get a chance to handle the ball. It might be a wait game but he is going as deep as the 14th round, why not take a chance on someone that could make some noise in the right situation. It might be a long shot but so is the lotto and we all bought a ticket for that before. Take a chance, worse case it’s a good way to make fun of me.


Emmanuel Sanders, WR PIT: This is Haley’s offense and the O-Line and running back position is already taking hits in the injury department. They have a tough road to travel and might have to let Ben loose to have a chance. This guy can play, catch, run, and crisp routes as well. He could easily be a top 20 receiver this year and he is going around the middle of the 10th round. I think so!!!!

Denarius Moore, WR OAK: I know, what about the QB situation but whomever it is they have to throw to someone. This guy could be a big time receiver if it wasn’t for the stink of Oakland but even there he is worth a late 12th round pick. He can end up being one of the bright spots of a terrible franchise and another losing year!

Brandon Lafell, WR CAR: I am not in love with this player even being on my favorite team. That being said you cannot beat a steady #2 WR that had a good year going till injury derailed it last year. Another year with Cam and Steve and he might be ready to take another step in the right direction. He is going in the late 14th round, that’s right 14th!!!! I mean if he gets you 0 points it wouldn’t be a bust but I bet he does better than that.


Greg Olsen, TE CAR: If you watched any ESPN highlights of Carolina this preseason you saw this guy getting the ball from Cam. They have a natural connection and it gets stronger every year. With the injuries in the backfield they will have to pass more and he has a way of getting open. He has good hands and is targeted in red zone often. You can wait till the 10th round normally to grab him up.

Zach Sudfeld, TE NE: This guy is 6’7” tall and joining a team that loves to target their Tight Ends. He will be the main TE till Gronk comes back but even after that he will fill Hernandez’s shoes (hopefully just on the field talent, not off). He could have the kind of year as one of the top TE’s in the game and it wouldn’t surprise me. So at the beginning of the 11th round you can get a game changer, sounds good to me.

Brandon Pettigrew, TE DET: This player has let me down the last couple years but this is the one he comes through for all of us. The Lions finally added a real threat in the back field and a couple receiving options other than Calvin. He should get more LB’s trying to guard him on the pass and I believe he can expose that often. He is also a big target in the red zone. I don’t mind the double TE sets in Detroit because in the late 13th round I can accept that with no sweat.

Once again you can reach me via email at and on twitter @Coachf22. I will gladly answer any questions or just talk sports anytime. Good Luck and remember even later picks can get huge rewards for your team.

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