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Fantasy Football Auction Draft Various Budgetting Scenarios

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How to budget for your fantasy football auction? We have the answers! This article outlines how to apply fantasy football auction values to your fantasy football strategy and auction strategy. Use this article to help you with your fantasyfootball auction budget. Let’s look at how fantasy football running back and fantasy football tight end elite players effect your fantasy football draft in 2013.

I’ve been busy doing mocks to try and develop the most accurate auction values out there by spotting real life trends instead of relying solely on math formulas. In talking to people in mock draft lobbies and people using the site there is a want for some very specific budgets. In my defense, there are so many possible permutations of possible budgets and what to spend on each roster spot that it makes it almost impossible to discuss them all. However, I’m going to look at some possible budgets that you may use if you want to draft some particular players.


He is hands down the most sought after running back in fantasy football, and he typically goes for over $60 in drafts. If you can get him for under that, which is very rare, then you’re getting some decent value even for the top ranked rusher which is hard to find. Let’s say you want to pair him with an elite wide receiver, from my Tier 1, to balance your roster a little, let’s see a couple different potential budgets.

ap strategy1You can see I left $10 for your bench (including your kicker and defense) in every scenario; however I tried to vary the quarterback and RB2 positions as much as possible in order to see how they will affect the rest of your budget. From what I’ve seen in most mocks there will always be a good quarterback, Wilson/Romo/Stafford/Luck even Matt Ryan at times fall to around $10 simply because of how deep the position is.


One theory that some people like to do in fantasy football is to try and draft a quarterback and their top receiving option. Last year I ended up with both Cam Newton and Steve Smith, honestly not really by choice but because Smith was going for a really good value and I couldn’t pass him up. One popular connection in 2013 will be Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. One common thought by many drafters is that it is valuable to have the top passer and the top tight end. I personally don’t subscribe to that at all and if you’d like to hear more listen to our tight end pod…but I digress, however there are people out there that like this strategy so if you may be thinking of this here is what your team may look like.

One last, less player specific, strategy I’d like to look at actually occurred totally by accident. I was doing a mock the other day, and trying to implement the lower tiered running back strategy that I discussed in my last article. All the players that I was targeting at running back in my Tier 4 (get the draft kit is you want to see the tiers), and they were going for much more than normal in most cases. I decided I would be cheap and wait for the values and before you knew it, the talent at the running back position was very thin. Now I had a lot of budgeted money open up to possibly be used on my bench. This is what my team looked like after the draft.

Now obviously I have a lot of capable running backs. It would say it is pretty excessive actually. Like I said though, I found that I had so much money left that I overspent on Lamar Miller and filled my bench with quality runners from my Tier 5. I also had to wait on wide receivers because just like running backs, many from the top tiers were going for what I thought was too much. Now in hindsight there are things I would obviously do differently, but I’ve never done a draft of any kind and not wanted to change something about my team once it was over. Now, I know that I have no top tier players at any position; however I feel that this team is fairly resistant to injury and it definitely allows me to play matchups effectively. Like I said, this example may be a little excessive; however I do feel confident that a team like this could be very successful in fantasy leagues.

So we’ve taken a look at a few very different strategies you could choose to implement come draft day. Whatever strategy you think you might want to do MOCK IT FIRST. You want to know how your team will look with the actual players and depth you will have. And mock it more than once because that practice will allow you to know what to expect when you do it for real. I also suggest mocking different strategies; remember it’s only practice if you’re not happy with your team after the draft it doesn’t matter. What’s the point of drafting the same team over and over? By drafting different strategies it might allow to see something that you didn’t notice before. You can then take that new knowledge and tweak your budget to make it even better.

Good luck and happy drafting!
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