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Embrace the Suck, Enjoy the Profits!

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I wrote a solid blog last month called Losing streak? Embrace the suck! about trying to embrace DFS struggles. I’ve been doing much better since writing it mainly because I’ve taken my own advice in many ways. The point of my blogs is to analyze what I’m doing right AND what I’m doing wrong in my strategy, instead of focusing on players themselves. So let’s figure out why embracing how bad you suck can really improve your game.
When reading last months blog you can tell I was not doing well with the DFS grind and the beatings had me looking for answers. If you haven’t read my first embrace the suck blog you should now because the quotes in this blog come from it,
plus I’m not scared of shameless plugs. It’s strange to see that at the time I thought I was just venting when in reality I was helping my game go to the next level. I focused on the negative aspects of my theories for over a month and I was actually figuring out ways to fix my flaws. I’ve preached that since DFS is skill based, sucking at MLB does not necessarily mean you will suck forever. In fact, things can change pretty quickly for you if you make a few small important changes to your DFSgame.

“I’ve had lots of success lately taking days”

I have increased my skill with crafting competitive teams and I feel like I have a clear head again. I’ve been taking way more time off from DFS, and it’s directly benefiting my DFS game. I should have stressed this more, I barely took an NBA day off and my MLB season was suffering for it. I started playing MLB already burned out from NBAand really needed a break even though I didn’t want to. If stats/researching are the last thing you want to do, simply don’t do it. Take some time off and preserve your bankroll. I started taking two or three days off at a time, or checking out completely during the all star break. I finally felt that feeling I had been missing since NBAFOCUS

“I’ve found plenty of cheap guys on the top scoring rosters that are still affordable the next night”

This is key and it has helped me recently on Draftkings. The Draftkings Midsummer classic came and went but not without giving us plenty of info to look into. I almost got crazy and bought an entry but wisely held off. I played in a $2 game to see where I may have placed, and my score probably would have placed me around 620th. The top 600 got paid so that would have stung, bullet dodged. The results of the winners were encouraging in all aspects to me. Youngkaiser got me really excited though, he had three entries and a non stack team that grabbed 2nd. Then I spent another hour going through the top 50 rosters to see heavily played players and which stacks were used. Those players were now on my list and even helped me in my 5th place finish the following week. By holding back and not blowing my bankroll at a shot at greatness, I successfully grinded $400 profit in the following week. While I never had a shot at 125k, my DFS game was slowly improving which gave me more confidence.

“The good news is since it’s a game of skill I can improve over time”

I’ve been steadily getting better over the past few months, the hours of twitter stalking posts from experts has clearly helped make me a better MLB DFS player. I’ve mentioned it before- really pay attention to what the experts talk about, but don’t be sucked in to “which player is a MUST play” talk. Watch the strategy they use, that’s the best stuff I’ve been taught by them. If the “experts” are all on a certain player, try to figure out what makes this player so appealing and you’ll be looking at those factors yourself next time. I started looking outside the box, for example stadium size and runs scored in stadium have become more valuable than BvP to me. I don’t want all you BvP followers to be up in arms, I’m just suggesting to people that may be struggling out there that sometimes overlooked factors that not enough people pay attention to can be the difference makers.

“One big win erases a lot of small losses!!!”

I said this in my blog last month and got to feel it firsthand. For example, I reached a point a few days ago that I was in contention for 2k. I had second place in the 10k Draftkings $11 GPP and was staring 1k in the face. I realized first was out of reach once my final guy didn’t dong, and once a win was credited to a pitcher I would be in third. I was looking good in third, very few players were left and $750 was sounding pretty damn good. As a small roll player this would have been huge so I was on the edge of my seat as the night DRAGGED on. Of course it wouldn’t stick, and my undoing was a meaningless 9th inning JLOVE bomb that dropped me to 5th. I cashed $350 off that entry and while it stung to watch hundreds disappear with the swing of a bat, I was feeling very good about my “win”. It even seemed to erase a bunch of smaller losses, and that hit close to home.

“I suck at MLB but by embracing that, I’ve found some success!”

I called myself out for sucking and it was exactly what I needed to grow. I wasn’t approaching DFS the right way and it was affecting my gameplay. My head had gotten a little bit too big from a sweet NBA season and I started to fall into the trap of not doing enough research or playing on nights when my head wasn’t in it. This seems to be the most important thing I learned from my experiences, do the work and profits will come your way. If you try to skip the work step, you are doomed.
As always, thanks for reading my blogs and I hope it helps someone out there.
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