Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Losing streak? Embrace the suck!!

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I noticed the blogs have been quiet lately and I’m wondering if many of you are suffering from grinder burnout. Sometimes we get too serious about our fantasy lives, and at that point a break is needed. I’ve had lots of success lately taking days or even a week off, coming back refreshed and winning a little, then backing off when I start going cold. Losing streaks in big gpps are quite common, so you have to be prepared for them. I easily say this to you but as you’re in a ten day losing streak it’s difficult to keep positive and remember it’s part of the game. As mostly a large GPP player I put together some crazy looking rosters. By doing this I inevitably finish last or close to it from time to time. Instead of being furious I use it to benefit my next rosters. I question why my team sucked so bad that even an invalid team could finish ahead of me(that happened to me once – yes it’s funny so you can laugh). It makes you take a hard look at why your choices bombed and often times will reveal players you should have picked. I’ve found plenty of cheap guys on the top scoring rosters that are still affordable the next night, so I take them. If I hadn’t looked at the top rosters and compared it to my terrible roster I may have continued playing bad players. This can put the brakes on a losing streak and maybe even give you a well deserved win. One big win erases a lot of small losses!!!  NBA tested my losing streak bankroll theories but MLB has destroyed any theories I had. My worst losing streak was 10-14 days each time during the NBA. I knew if I played $5 a day out of a $100 bankroll and stuck to it, I could survive 20 days without a win before my bankroll was gone. I never got there but it eased the stress a little on me, made me enjoy watching the games more and probably helped my picks. MLB losing streaks are different for me…..in other words MUCH longer. I can’t do X% in MLB DFS because I’m not consistent, so not playing everyday has been a decent alternative for me. It made me realize we need to give ourselves a hard look during these streaks. I think our pride gets in the way of us admitting failure in DFS so I’m gonna throw this out there – I suck atMLB but by embracing that, I’ve found some success! The good news is since it’s a game of skill I can improve over time. To the “it’s all luck” conspiracy theorists, skill is a much bigger factor than you realize and you may be a bedwetter. I have skill in NBA, I do not in MLB. Take a close look at yourself and realize your strengths/weaknesses. If you don’t, losing streaks can bury you!

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