Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2013

Article by Joey C

   It's almost that time of year again, and there are many fantasy football players who need some draft advice. There are several people that find it hard to draft a team that could win their league. In order to win a lot of fantasy football games, you must have a well put together team. There are some guidelines to follow if you wish to have a great season in fantasy football. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. They do not have to be used by yourself, but coming from someone with years of experience, these tips will help improve your game.

       First, make sure that you have two elite running backs that will provide more points than most of the others at the position. The running back position is the most valuable to the team, as they have the largest opportunity to score the most points. In fantasy football, most leagues require teams to start two running backs. A general strategy that could help is to draft a running back in the first round, as well as the third round. This would help your team tremendously, because while other people are looking for another running back in later rounds, you would not have to worry about that and have two backs with higher production value. Some people like to draft a running back in the first two rounds, although I do not suggest this, unless of course, you see a player you really want to have on your team.

       The next most important position in fantasy football is the wide receiver. In most leagues, there are three wide receivers used in the starting lineup. Wide receivers do not have as many chances to get the most amount of points as running backs, but still can produce at a high level. Wide receivers should be taken in the second, as well as the fifth round. Examples of Wide Receivers to take in the second round include AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, and Julio Jones. These players usually give you solid numbers as your WR1. In the fifth round, there is a good chance that you will not be able to find players of THIS Caliber on the board. However, you can still find players like Reggie Wayne, Randall Cobb, Michael Crabtree, Larry Fitzgerald and Percy Harvin to round out your WR2 Position.

       A quarterback, the most important position in real life football, is the third most important position in fantasy. The reason behind this is because you can find a really good quarterback in later rounds, and not have to waste a high pick on that top three player. For example, last year, a rookie quarterback named Russell Wilson was not drafted in high rounds in fantasy football, but he still turned out to be a really good player at his position. Another example of this is quarterback Andy Dalton, of the Cincinati Bengals. This player was drafted after round eight in most leagues, turned out to be among a top fifteen player at the position. Another prime example of this is quarterback Joe Flacco of the Ravens. Flacco, who may be inconsistant at times, performed really well several weeks, and was drafted between rounds six and ten in most leagues. Flacco went on to win the Super Bowl in 2012. In previous years, there was always about four quarterbacks drafted in the first round. However, people realize that they made mistakes by drafting a QB That high, and in most leagues this year, there will be none. As you can see, it is not necessary to draft a quarterback really early. An ideal round to draft a quarterback this year would be round four or later. Some quarterbacks you should look to draft that would be available in the fifth round this year include Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and Tony Romo. Top QBs like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady are likely to be picks in rounds two or three and that would be a reach in this year's fantasy football drafts.

       The next position to look at in fantasy football is a team’s defense/special teams. This is referred to as DST. This position gets points for when a team holds an opponent to a certain amount of points, when the defense causes the other team’s offense to throw an interception, or when the defense gets a touchdown, or when they force a fumble. The special teams part of this is when the team returns a kick or a punt for a touchdown. This position should be drafted after you have at least one player at each of the previously mentioned positions, because DST’s do not usually score as many points as the rest of the positions. The best round to draft a defense would be in round seven or later. The top DSTs to draft in the NFL This year include the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, and the Denver Broncos.

       Tight Ends are the next position to draft. There are plenty of tight ends that provide points for your team in later rounds. These players get the same amount of points as a receiver do. Tight ends are not always as consistant as receivers are, thus making them not as important as a receiver. If you see a player that you really like before you pick a defense, make sure you pick the player you like so that you have someone to root for. However, make sure you draft a tight end that is a pass catcher and not a blocker. Examples of TE's to draft include Tony Gonzalez, Owen Daniels, Kyle Rudolph, Jason Witten and Vernon Davis. Brandon Myers could be a sleeper TE with his new team, the New York Giants.

       Once you have drafted all of your starting players, it is time to fill out your bench. The bench are players mainly used to fill in for your startes when they are injured, or on their week off. There are enough spots to back up each position you have drafted, although that is not really necessary to do so. Some people like to grab their third RB before drafting all of their starters, which is fine to do, but you may miss out on a good player at a position you need and be weak in that area.

       The last, and least important position in fantasy football to draft is the kicker. These players only get points when the team that player plays for scores a touchdown, or a field goal. The kicker gets one point for the point after attempt after a touchdown, and also points for a field goal. Another way the kicker gets points is if he kicks a field goal. The amount of points he gets varies on how far away the kick is. Kickers do not score nearly as many points as other positions do, thus making that position the last one you should draft. Try to draft kickers from teams who score a lot of points consistantly so that you can have the best chance to get their points. The Patriots, Broncos, and 49ers have really good kickers because their team scores a lot.

      Remember, you do not have to stick with the team you drafted throughout the whole season. You can add some players, make some trades, and get rid of players you do not like. Thats what makes this game so fun. Make sure to stay on top of who the top waiver wire pick ups are to help improve your team.

      When following this general strategy, drafting a successful fantasy football team should come easy. Make sure that you get running backs early, because they will be harder to find in later rounds. Have fun and good luck drafting!

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