Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 26th

Omar Infante start of the day!


Joe Mauer is 8/23 with a HR VS Scherzer.  Mauer is hitting .343 VS right-handers.

Miguel Montero is 5/16 with 3HR's and 7RBI's VS Marquis


Justin Morneau is 5/13 with 3HR's VS Scherzer and is hitting .321 against right-handers.

Adam LaRoche is 8/25 with 4HR's and 7RBI's VS Hamels


Omar Infante is hitting .469 in 32 at bats VS Pelfrey. Omar is hitting .421 at home this year.

Marco Scutaro is hitting .480 against Garland in 25 at bats. He is hitting .381 over his last 10gs.


Evan Longoria is hitting .366 against C.C with 5HR's and 9RBI's in 41 at bats. He is also hitting .345 VS lefties.

Aramis Ramirez is hitting .370 with 2HR's and 6RBI's in 54 at bats VS Rodriguez.


Troy Tulowitzki is 19/54 VS Cain with 4HR's and 6RBI's.  Tulo is hitting .375 VS right-handers.

Miguel Tejada is hitting .348 with 2HR's and 5RBI's over his last 10gs.


Andy Dirks is 4/6 with 2HR's VS Pelfrey.

Josh Hamilton is 5/7 with a HR VS Davis.

Alfonso Soriano has 4HR's VS Cueto in 40 at bats.

Ryan Braun is 17/44 with 4HR's and 8RBI's VS Rodriguez


Johnny Cueto 2-0 with a 3.22 ERA and 26k's in his last 4 starts.

 Patrick Corbin is 4-0 at home with a 1.04 ERA and 18k's.

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