Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fantasy Baseball Daily Advice May 25th

Miguel Tejada Play of the day!


Jason Castro is hitting .375 1HR over his last 7gs.

Buster Posey is hitting .324 with a HR in his last 10gs.  Posey is hitting .300 VS right-handers.


Adam Lind is 4/8 with 2HR's VS Garcia.  Lind is hitting .314 over his last 10gs.

Prince Fielder is 5/8 with 2HR's VS Walters.  Prince is hitting .321 in days games.


Dustin Pedroia is 17/33 with a HR VS Kazmir. Dusty is hitting .375 VS lefties this year.

Darwin Barney is hitting .412 VS Bailey in 17 at bats.  Barney is red hot hitting .353 over his last 10gs.


Mark Reynolds is 5/15 with a HR VS Lester.  Reynolds is hitting .296 against lefties.

Michael Young is 19/58 with a HR and 11RBI's VS Haren.  Young is hitting .293 against right-handers.


Miguel Tejada .348 with 2HR's and 5RBI's over his last 10gs.

Starlin Castro is 5/18 with a couple of HR's VS Bailey.  Castro is hitting .295 VS right-handers.


Jose Bautista is hitting .455 with a pair of HR's VS Garcia.  Joey Bats is hitting .417 with 4HR's and 10RBI's over his last 10gs.

Josh Hamilton is 8/25 with 3HR's VS Guthrie.

David Murphy is 20/66 with 2HR's and 11RBI's VS King Felix.  Murphy is hitting .290 over his last 10gs.

Andrew McCutchen is 5/9 with 3HR's and 8RBI's VS Fiers.  He is also hitting .333 over his last 10gs.


Jake Peavy 2-0 at home with a 2.29 ERA and 21k's in 19IP.

Doug Fister is 4-0 at home with 3.00 ERA and 22k's.

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