Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 7th New and improved!


Wilson Ramos
5/13 VS Sanchez
2HR's 6RBI's last 10gs

Russell Martin
6/13 VS Harang
4HR 7RBI's last 10gs
.300 VS Right

First Base

Billy Butler
5/6 2HR's 4RBI's VS Wei Yin Chen
.343 7RBI's last 10gs
.302 at Night

Brandon Moss
2/5 1HR 3RBI's VS McAllister
.417 on Road
.311 VS Right

Second Base

Jedd Gyorko
3HR's 6RBI's .325 last 10gs
.333 at Home

Kelly Johnson 
.350 11RBI's last 10gs
5 for his last 9 

Third Base

David Freese
3/5 1HR 3RBI's VS Wood

Pablo Sandoval
2/4 1HR VS Kendrick
.390 last 10gs
.341 VS Right 

Short Stop

JJ Hardy
3/10 2HR's VS Santana
Homered in last two games

Ian Desmond
8/25 1HR VS Sanchez
.351 at Night


Raja Davis 
7/15 VS Hernandez
.379 at Night

Josh Hamilton
4/7 1HR VS Lyles

Matt  Holiday
6/18 2HR's VS Wood

Jon Jay
5/12 VS Wood
.379 last 10gs

Carlos Gonzalez 
6/15 1HR 6RBI's VS Kuroda
.342 at Night
.321 at Home

Starting Pitching

Homer Bailey
35k's in 37IP
Braves strike out a ton

Ryan Dmpster
47k's in 36IP
2.88 ERA at Home
2.86 ERA at Night

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