Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 6th New and improved!


Salvador Perez
6/19 VS Sale
.314 VS right
.378 at home

Carlos Santana
.378 2HR 5RBI's last 10gs
.340 VS right
.323 at night

First Base

Paul Goldschmidt 
9/12 2HR 7RBI's VS Capuano
.347 away games

Billy Butler
8/25 3HR's 7RBI'sVS Sale
.313 VS right

Second Base

Brandon Phillips
18/51 4HR's 10RBI's 2SB's VS Maholm
.324 VS left

Dan Uggla
6/18 2HR's 3RBI's VS Arroyo

Third Base

Chase Headley 
.407 2HR's 5RBI's last 7gs
.308 VS right

Short Stop

Alexi Rameriez
11/26 2HR's 4RBI's 2SB's VS Shields
.455 on turf

Alcides Escobar
12/27 2SB's VS Sale
.394 VS left


Yoenis Cespedes
3HR's 11RBI's last 10gs

Jose Bautista
4/11 1HR VS Hellickson

Carl Crawford  
.309 at night 
.304 VS right
3/10 VS Cahill
.304 VS right

Hunter Pence
.320 1HR last 7gs
3/8 1HR VS Lee

Starting Pitching

Clay Buchholz
1.01 ERA
44IP 47k's 

Madison Bumgarner
1.55 ERA 
40IP 36k's

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