Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 5th New and improved!


Yadier Molina 
7/13 VS Estrada 1HR 3RBI's
.324 on the road 1HR 11RBI's

Jonathan Lucroy 
7/22 VS Garcia
.308 2HR's 8RBI's in day games

First Base

Adrian Gonzalez 
20/63 VS Cain 4HR's 13RBI's
.309 3HR's 14RBI's at night

Freddie Freeman
6/19 VS Niese 2HR's 3RBI's
.351 at home 11RBI's

Ryan Howard 
3/5 VS Slowey 1HR
.435 during the day
.321VS right

Second Base

Howie Kendrick
4/7 VS Hammel 3RBI's
.308 day games
.350 at home
.417 VS left

Jason Kipnis
.320 2HR's 7RBI's in his last 7g
.316 day games

Third Base

Kyle Seager
6/11 VS Morrow 1HR
.321 3HR's on road

Mike Moustakas
4/9 2HR's VS Quintana
.375 last 7gs

Short Stop

Starlin Castro
.328 at home 3HR's 8RBI's
.349 day games

Troy Tulowitzki
.625 in his last 7
3HR's 7RBI's in day games


Rajai Davis
11/36 6SB's
.400 last 7gs

Nelson Cruz
9/17 VS Lester 1HR
.364 3HR's 7RBI's day games

Andre Ethier
27/60 VS Cain
3HR's last 10gs

Jeff Francoeur
5/6 VS Quintana 1HR
4HR's last 6gs
.308 day games

Michael Saunders
3/5 VS Morrow
3HR's last 7gs

Carlos Gomez 
.474 4HR's 7RBI's 5SB's in his last 10gs
.364 VS right
.361 day

Starting Pitching

Justin Verlander
39IP 41k's

Jerome Williams
1.69 ERA
1.00 ERA at home

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