Friday, May 3, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 3rd New and improved!

Stats are based on today's probable starters

Catcher- Yadier Molina 4 for 7 VS Loshe with a HR and 2RBI's.  Molina has 10 hits in his last 4 games got to love the hot bat!  Slim pickings at Catcher today in my opinion i would also consider Matt Wieters 5 for 14 VS Vargas with no power numbers though.  Wieters has a 5 game hit streak going like to see that continue and he is always a power threat.

First Base- Adrian Gonzalez 15 for 47 VS Zito 1HR and 5RBI's.  I usually go with lefty on lefty but Gonzalez has a great history VS the south paw.  Gonzalez is hitting .381 VS lefties this year if that makes you feel better.  Mike Napoli crushes lefties hitting .333  and guess what he is facing one tonight and his former team hes in my lineup no doubt about it!

Second Base- Kelly Johnson 7 for 15 1HR 3RBI's this game should be a slug fest and someone has to drive in the runs why not Johnson.  Jerry Hairston Jr 10 for 27 1HR 2RBI's and hitting .300 VS lefties.  Always capable of stealing a bag which helps.  Chase Utely 11 for 38 1HR 6RBI's and is hitting .325 VS right handed pitching.

Third Base- Pablo Sandoval 10 for 33 6RBI's VS Marquis.  Marquis is terrible at home and gives up almost 6 runs a game at night. Sandoval is swinging a hot bat 18 for his last 45.  Eric Chavez 4HR's in his last 10 games and a .341 nighttime hitter.

Short Stop- Starlin Castro 12 for 32 VS Leake 6RBI's and a .313 hitter against right handed pitching.  Jean Segura 2HR's 8RBI's in his last 10 games.  Segura is also a creature of the night hitting .382 under the lights.  Ian Desmond .304 VS right handed pitching and .357 at night he gets out stamp of approval.

Outfield- Alex Rios 15 for 50 2HR's and 5RBI's VS Guthrie.  David DeJesus 5 for 12 1HR, 2RBI's and a stolen base VS Leake.  DeJesus strives at home (.361) and under the lights (.341).  Carlos Beltran 23 for 42 4HR's, 12RBI's and 5 stolen bases VS Loshe.  Probably one of the most impressive stat lines against a pitcher i have seen this year HE IS A MUST START!  Matt Kemp 24 for 55 3HR's and 9RBI's VS Zito.  Kemp has also turned it on as of late hitting .361 in his last 10 games. Domonic Brown 5 for 9 2RBI's VS Nolasco.  Carl Crawford 7 for 22 2RBI's and 4 stolen bases VS Zito.  Crawford also has 3HR's in his last 10 games.

Starting Pitching- Justin Masterson 4-2 this year with 39k's and 3.12 ERA.  Doug Fister 4-0 25k's in 34IP with a 2.38 ERA.

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