Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 22nd

Miguel Cabrera Daily Play of the day!

Joe Mauer Hitting .800 against Malholm and .425 over his last 10 games.  Mauer is hitting .368 VS southpaws this year he gets the start for me today.  Victor Martinez is another good option 6/18 VS Jimenez with 2HR's and 6RBI's.
First Base
Travis Hafner is hitting .287 VS right-handers this year and has a solid history VS Hammel 3/10 with 2HR's.  Edwin Encarnacion .361 in his last 10 with 2HR's and 10RBI's with a 7 game hit streak.
Second Base
Robinson Cano 10/26 1HR 4RBI's VS Hammel and .319 VS right-handers makes for a solid play tonight.  Dan Uggla 4/9 VS Worley with 2HR's and 4RBI's. Uggla seems to have a good read on Worley only striking out once.
Third Base
Miguel Cabrera 13/38 VS Jimenez with a HR and 6RBI's.  Blah blah blah this guy is a beast i could spit out stats all day just start him.  Evan Longoria .360 VS Lefties and facing a terrible Mark Buerhle today.  Longoria also has a 15 game hit streak.
Short Stop
Jhonny Peralta Hitting .304 with a HR and 4RBI's VS Jimenez.  .324 over his last 10 games.  Troy Tulowitzki kills righ-handed pitching (.378) big day coming VS Cahill.  Tulo is hitting .364 with 2HR's and 10RBI's over his last 10 games.
Michael Brantley .307 VS right-handers facing Verlander who he has a great history against 11/26 with 4RBI's and 3SB's.  Jay Bruce .390 with 3HR's 13RBI's last 10 games.  Vernon Wells 5/14 with 2HR's VS Hammel.  Ichiro Suzuki 7/14 VS Hammel.  Jose Bautista 5/13 with a HR VS Hellickson. Joey Bats is .324 over hs last 10 games.
Starting Pitching
Cliff Lee is 3-1 on the road with a 2.00 ERA facing a terrible Marlins team. Mat Latos 2-0 on the raod with a 2.53 ERA facing the Mets enough said get him in your lineup. 

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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