Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 19th

Carlos Beltran Daily Fantasy play of the day!


Matt Wieters
6/11 2HR's VS Moore

Joe Mauer
11/27 2HR's VS Lackey
.512 last 10gs
.400 at Home

First Base

Adam Dunn
3/5 2HR's VS Vargas
4HR's 10RBI's last 6gs

Garrett Jones
2/6 HR VS Harrell
.295 VS Right

Second Base

Jason Kipnis
4/11 VS Hernandez
7 hits 7RBI's 2HR's last 3gs

 Marco Scutaro
2/3 VS Nicasio
.500 last 10gs

Third Base

Evan Longoria
7/15 3HR's VS Tillman
12 game hit streak

 Adrian Beltre
6/14 VS Fister
.405 3HR's 9RBI's last 10gs

Short Stop

Alexei Ramirez
7/15 2HR's 4RBI's  VS Vargas
.385 VS Left

Jean Segura
.419 3HR's 7RBI's 6SB's
.397 Away
.377 VS Left


David Murphy
8/18 4HR's 8RBI's VS Fister

Carlos Beltran
23/45 4HR's 12RBI's 5SB's VS Loshe
.333 last 10gs

Matt Holliday
8/15 HR 3RBI's VS Loshe
5game hit streak

Vernon Wells
7/16 VS Dickey
.383 Day

Dayan Viciedo
4/6 HR 3RBI's VS Vargas
.433 2HR's 7RBI's last 10gs

Starting Pitching

Travis Wood
2.03 ERA

Justin Masterson
2-0 16k's last two starts

 When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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