Friday, May 17, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 17th

Vernon Wells Daily Fantasy play of the day!


.386 at Night
.342 Away
.333 VS Right

.298 VS Right
.364 last 7gs

First Base

6/12 2HR's 7RBI's VS Lyles
.291 VS Right

8/18 1HR 6RBI's VS Hellickson
6 game hit streak
.341 VS Right

Second Base

6/10 4RBI's VS Porcello
.354 at Home

8/20 3HR's 9RBI's VS Buehrle

Third Base

5/13 HR VS Buehrle
.270 VS Left

5/14 VS Porcello
.367 3HR's 8RBI's last 7gs

Short Stop

7/15 VS Wilson
.435 VS Left

.429 Away
.375 VS Left


10/31 3HR's VS Hellickson
.347 VS Right

24/50 3HR's 10RBI's VS Buehrle
.371 4HR's 10RBI's last 10gs

23/54 VS Buehrle
.341 VS Left

3/3 HR VS Worley
.316 VS Right

8/13 4RBI's VS Lyles
.317 at Home

9/25 3HR's 5RBI's VS Bumgarner
.316 at Night

Starting Pitching

At Home this year
1.93 ERA
17k's 23IP

 When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

For daily fantasy just click the link >>>  Fan Duel Daily Fantasy

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