Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 16th

Dayan Viciedo Daily Fantasy Play of the day!


Buster Posey
4/7 VS Chacin
.357 VS Left

Russell Martin
.333 4HR's 8RBI's last 10gs

First Base

Lyle Overbay
11/24 HR VS Harang
.319 VS Right

 James Loney
.378 2HR's 6RBI's last 10gs
.462 VS Left
.446 Away
.425 at Night

Second Base

Marco Scutaro
.476 HR 5RBI's last 10gs
.344 at Night

 Omar Infante
2/3  VS Darvish
.378 HR 5RBI's last 10gs
.327 VS Right

Third Base

Pablo Sandoval
7/17 2HR's 4RBI's VS Chacin
3HR's last 4 games

Adrian Beltre
11/35 HR 3RBI's VS Verlander
.341 3HR's 10RBI's last 10gs

Short Stop

Troy Tulowitzki
18/53 4HR's 6RBI's VS Cain
.386 at Home
.345 VS Right

Stephen Drew
2/5 VS Cobb
.361 2HR's 9RBI's last 10gs
.412 on turf


Dayan Viciedo
5/5 HR VS Williams
.469 2HR's 8RBI's last 10gs
.359 at Night

Carlos Gomez
5/8 2HR's 3RBI's VS Liriano
.415 VS Left

 Will Venable
3/3 VS Strasburg
.357 3HR's 6RBI's 3SB's last 10gs
.327 at Home

Shin-Soo Choo
2/3 VS Fernandez
.297 5HR's 7RBI's 2SB's last 10gs
.392 VS Right

Mike Trout
2/4 HR VS Quintanta
.368 4HR's 8RBI's 3SB's last 10gs

Starting Pitching

Mat Latos
3.04 ERA
47k's 50IP

Stephen Strasburg
3.10 ERA
51k's 49IP
Today is his day!

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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