Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 15th

Ryan Braun Daily Fantasy Play of the day!


Joe Mauer
.500 last 10gs
.386 at Home

Brian McCann
.318 3HR's 10RBI's last 10gs
.500 VS Left

First Base

Gaby Sanchez
7/19 1HR 5RBI's VS Gallardo
.310 at Home

Adrian Gonzalez
2/4 1HR VS Detwiler
.364 2HR's 9RBI's last 10gs

Second Base

Dustin Pedroia
10/33 1HR VS Price
.436 last 10gs

 Neil Walker
4/11 VS Gallardo
.346 at Home

Third Base

Aramis Ramirez
20/51 2HR's 6RBI's VS Rodriquez
.333 last 10gs

 Adrian Beltre
.349 3HR's 9RBI's last 10gs
.302 Day

Short Stop

Jean Segura
.386 4HR's 7RBI's 5SB's last 10gs
.395 VS Left
.403 Away

 Clint Barmes
.344 2HR's 6RBI's last 10gs
7 game hit streak


Adam Jones
4/7 VS Marquis
.414 Day
.345 VS Right

 Vernon Wells
4/5 1HR 4RBI's VS Iwakuma
.342 3HR's 9RBI's 2SB's last 10gs

 Michael Bourn
8/27 6SB's VS Hammels
.360 VS Left

 Ryan Braun
16/42 4HR's 8RBI's 2SB's VS  Rodriquez
.433 VS Left

Matt Holliday
4/12 2HR's VS Marcum
.308 3HR's 8RBI's last 10gs

 Jon Jay
4/11 VS Marcum
.455 2HR's 11RBI's last 10gs

Starting Pitching

Max Scherzer
3.61 ERA
61k's 47IP

Shelby Miller
1.58 ERA
51k's 45IP

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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