Monday, May 13, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice May 14th

Miguel Cabrera Daily Fantasy Play of the day!


Joe Mauer
9/29 1HR 4RBI's VS Peavy
.405 at Night
.395 at Home

Salvador Perez
2/7 1HR VS Vargas
.323 at Night

First Base

Edwin Encarnacion
4/7 2HR's 8RBI's VS Zito

Joey Votto
6/20 2HR's VS Nolasco
.320 VS Right
.368 Away

Second Base

Robinson Cano
15/41 2HR's 5RBI's VS Hernandez
.337 VS Right

Neil Walker
8/20 5RBI's VS Loshe
.356 at Home

Third Base

Adrian Beltre
18/57 5HR's 18RBI's VS Colon

Miguel Cabrera
2/6 1HR 4RBI's VS Harrell
.418 at Home
.406 at Night

Short Stop

Troy Tulowitzki
3/4 2HR's 4RBI's 1SB VS Villanueva
.338 VS Right
.339 at Night

 Jean Segura
.410 VS Left
.412 Away


Jose Tabata
10/21 1HR 4RBI's VS Loshe
.529 in May
.342 VS Right

Andre Ethier
20/47 2HR's 7RBI's VS Haren

 Torii Hunter
2/2 1SB VS Harrell
.345 VS Right
.356 at Home

Chris Carter
3/8 1HR VS Fister
.318 3HR's 8RBI's last 10gs

 Ben Zobrist
8/20 3RBI's 1SB VS Lackey
.317 at Home

Starting Pitching

Homer Bailey
42k's 43IP
1.73 ERA at Night

Jake Peavy
3.03 ERA
45k's 38IP

When playing daily fantasy baseball pay close attention to weather and starting lineups!  Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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