Sunday, April 7, 2013

SportsWiseGuy Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup 4/7/13

C- J.Montero Lifetime .429 VS Sale

1B- P.Fielder Lifetime .364 VS Sabathia

2B- J.Rutledge Lifetime .667 VS Volquez

3B- E.Longoria Lifetime .500 VS Masterson

SS- E.Andrus Lifetime .383 VS Weaver

OF- J.Willingham Lifetime .455 VS Hammel

OF- B.Gardner Lifetime .375 VS Verlander

OF- A.Pagan Lifetime .400 VS Wainwright

SP- Chris Sale 2-0 19k's and a 2.90 ERA in his last 2 starts VS Mariners

Lineup should work with a standard daily fantasy 35k budget. Any questions tweet @SportsWG

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