Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daily Fantasy Baseball Starters April 24th

Stats are based on today's probable starters

 C- Salvador Perez 5 for 7 2HR's 3RBI's .714AVG
     Buster Posey 8 for 28 0HR's 2RBI's .348AVG

1B- Mike Napoli 4 for 10 1HR $RBI's .400AVG
      Todd Helton 12 for 18 1HR 9RBI's .667AVG

2B- Johnny Giavotella 5 for 9 1HR 4RBI's .556AVG
      Rickie Weeks 6 for 14 2HR's 3RBI's .429AVG

3B- Alberto Collaspo 7 for 16 0HR's 3RBI's .438AVG
      Micheal Young 6 for 18 0HR's 3RBI's .333AVG

SS- J.J Hardy 5 for 15 2HR's 3RBI's .333AVG
       Jimmy Rollins 6 for 15 1HR 1RBI .400AVG

OF- Nolan Reimold  4 for 9 1HR 3RBI's .444AVG
        Adam Jones 11 for 28 3HR's 9RBI's .393AVG
        Alex Gordon 7 for 18 1HR 1RBI .389AVG
        Ben Zobrist 7 for 19 2HR's 4RBI's .368AVG
        Marlon Byrd 8 for 17 1HR 9RBI's .471AVG
        Ryan Braun 9 for 25 1HR 3RBI's .360AVG

SP- Madison Bumgarner
       Matt Latos
       Yu Darvish
       Jon Lester

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