Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Add/Drops

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Holy mackerel, it’s March 1 already! Hey, why is a mackerel holy and not a trout and, by the way, Batman, why do you always seem to have whatever you need in that utility belt of yours?Well, Robin, first of all there is a Trout that is holy but that’s an entirely different sport and I always have whatever I need in my utility belt because hecman’s Magic 8 Ball who moonlights as a Crystal Ball on weekends in Manhattan tells me what to put in it. He’s also helped me to first place in my fantasy basketball league! …. Oh, groovy, Batman, and hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday at hecmanhoops., he´s going to give you a whole bunch of guys trending up and trending down! … Right on!, let’s get to it, shall we? … Oh, and don’t forget, Batman, all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!
Carl Landry – 41% – I went over him the other day, it was a fabulous post! I hope you were able to Landry Carl!
Brandon Bass – 41% – Been over him a couple of times, getting burn. Not sure if you noticed but I´ve already covered all over all these guys! I care!
Jason Thompson – 41% – With Thomas Robinson launched to Houston, JT doesn´t really have a problem anymore. Ironic! Or something like that.
Derrick Williams – 40% – Finally getting recognition he deserves with ownership up to 40%. Now if only Kevin Love could miss the fantasy playoffs. Where is Tanya Harding when you need her!
Jeff Green – 39% – Should be a nice play for the rest of the year. I think I may cry. Sniff.
Kirk Hinrich – 35% – Better hurry and grab him before he tweezes a nose hair and misses two weeks from the burn.
Antawn Jamison – 33% – Settling in to the rotation. He´s up and he´s down, he´s hot and he´s cold, he´s black and not white! I changed it up on you!
Al Harrington – 29% – I could see his ownership doubling once he gets his conditioning up. Join the fun early!
Al-Farouq Aminu – 29% – Rebound that basketball, rebound that basketball. I know Anthony Davis doesn´t seem interested to do it so someone has to!
Martell Webster – 23% – Martell, you get no respect but I respect you, man. I´ve given you your props since January. Keep on shooting the ball!
Tobias Harris – 20% – I went over him right here. The post was so fabulous that my fingers got an award, I let them put choclate in my mouth. Then I let them hold a beer bottle and lift that to my lips. It was fun!
Devin Harris – 17% – He´s just doing his thang. Atlanta is in the South so we have to say thang. It´s like the law!
Moe Harkless – 16% – Some might argue he´s downward trending with the emergence of Tobias Harris and Al Harrington working his way back and maybe he is!
Kevin Seraphin – 10% – Lost in fantasy wasteland when Nene Hilario and Emeka Okafor are healthy but can be found when one of them isn´t!
Kyle Singler – 8% – Getting minutes, doing a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat. I’m not sure if he’s Irish but he looks it!
John Salmons – 8% – Been hot lately, maybe it can continue, maybe it won´t. It probably won´t but I´d grab him to find out. You can always launch him. Like diamonds in the sky!
Donatas Motiejunas – 7% – I went over him in yesterday´s post. It was the most amazing post since the day before!
Beno Udrih – 6% – Getting nice burn and providing cheap dimes. Definitely useful until Jameer Nelson comes back, definitely useful, definitely useful, said Rain Man.
E’Twaun Moore – 6% – I don´t know about you but Moore is owned in every league I´m in yet is only owned in 6% of Yahoo! leagues. What´s up with that!? Oh, wait, maybe it´s because I own him in most of them. Nevermind.
Jason Smith – 3% – Get on the boat and stream away tonight if you´d like. Haven´t you heard, Anthony Davis is a big fat pussy. No, I´m not frustrated with AD or anything. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT I AM!
Alec Burks – 2% – The other day I sang you a song and it went something like this: If you want him, there he is, go and get him but you better hurry because Mo Williams is coming back fast. Go back and sing it if you´d like. It´s fun. I like singing songs, its´s fun!
P.J. Tucker – 2% – Getting run for Phoenix. However inexplicable that may sound.
Wes Johnson – 1% – Hey, I don’t make this stuff up, I just report who is getting some burn. Don’t judge!
Trevor Booker – 1% – Should see some run if Nene Hilario is sidelined. Could be good, could be bad. That’s why he´s 1 % owned, it´s called low risk!
Andrew Bynum – 72% – Talk about desperate!
Andrea Bargnani – 59% – Hey, haven´t you heard, he sucks!
Jared Dudley – 58% – Been trending down for about a month now but nobody seems to want to give up on him. Suit yourself. On the bright side, baseball season is right around the corner!
Kris Humphries – 48% – Newsflash! He wasn´t traded and is more useless than a fake ad on Craigslist!
Earl Clark – 40% – No, he´s not a truck driver but his name sounds like one!

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