Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fantasy Basketball Add/Drop

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While I´m busy getting together the baseball side of hecmanhoops which will soon morph into, we still have some hoops championships to win! But before I get to today´s fantasy basketball adds and drops, I want to tell you how excited I am about the team of awesome fantasy writers we´re putting together for hecmanbaseball which should be live just in time to help you prepare for your fantasy baseball draft or drafts! Like the beer but better! Starting mid to late next week, look for our 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide complete with rankings and projections along with some awesome strategy posts that we´re putting together. Also feel free to start following @hecmanbaseball on Twitter to get updates on when all baseball posts are up! It´s good fun and, best of all, it´s all freeeeee! We care man, we want you to win! Sniff. Ok, back to the fantasy hoops. As usual, these adds and drops are for players trending up and down and availability depends on the size of your league so don´t send me an evil tweet saying something like, “Tobias Harris an add, really? Welcome to last week!” I know, I get it! Ok, let´s get to it, shall we? Please note that all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!
Mo Williams – 65% – Yes, I know, he´s already owned in your league but what about the other 35%?? Huh! You don´t have an answer for me, do ya?
Derrick Williams – 49% – Over his last 5 he´s at 40 mpg/20 ppg/9.2 rpg/1 bpg/.8 spg/1 3pm with so so percents. That aint no joke, yo! By the way, Minnesota (and the Knicks) has the best playoff schedule. Just an FYI!
Trevor Ariza – 48% – Go ahead and grab him while Bradley Beal remains sidelined but I´m warning you after that! I´d still rather own Martell Webster who is only 22% owned. Just sayin´ >>>>>>>>>>>> most overused phrase on the internet!
Jason Thompson – 48% – Over his last 10 he´s at 29.2 mpg/12.8 ppg/8.2 rpg/.5 bpg/.8 spg/.552 FG. Those are pretty solid numbers, said Andrew Bynum (72%).
Jeff Green – 44% – In 12 February games he averaged 15.4/4.1/2 with 1.7 bpg, .8 spg and a three per. That be good!
Tobias Harris – 42% – I went over him last week, I´m sure you were there. You better have been there!
Gerald Henderson – 36% – With Ramon Sessions now down for the count  Gerald should get all the burn he can handle. He´s a pro at getting blown out!
Al-Farouq Aminu – 32% – Just continuing to do what he do. Ebonics!
Earl Clark – 29% – Was owned in 40% of Yahoo! leagues last week so he´s clearly trending down in the minds of many fickle fantasy basketball owners but I´m still holding out some hope. Monitor or grab, your call. Your team!
Thomas Robinson – 25% – Played 26 minutes the other night to just 16 for Donatas Motiejunas. Time share? Maybe. Full time job for T-Rob? Perhaps! Hard to say but grab him if you have room to find out. You can always launch. Like sky Rockets in flight!
Matt Barnes – 24% – Not the Matt Barnes of earlier in the season but still useful. Useful isn´t bad but it can make you fall asleep at times!
Martell Webster – 22% – Oh, Martell, you so fine, you so fine, you blow my mind, oh, Martell, da da da da. Go back and sing it if you´d like, or better yet, go pick him up!
Jermaine O´Neal – 19% – I went over him like yesterday I think. I can´t remember, my brain is turning to mush with all these blurbs! Yes, yes, it was yesterday, my Magic 8 Ball just confirmed. Go check it out! The post I mean, you´re not allowed to check out my Magic 8 Ball.
Moe Harkless – 16% – It appears that Moe has not been sent ot fantasy basketball oblivion with the emergence of Tobias Harris. Raise your hand if you read here at hecmanhoops to drop him. No takers!
Ben Gordon – 15% – Not sure if you´ve heard but Ramon Sessions is 86ed! Go get him if you need threes, y´all! I see lots of threes in his future, lots and lots of threes, it´s raining threes! Feel free to finish the song on your own.
Andre Drummond – 14% – Everyone´s favorite stash. Outside of Kevin Love and Derrick Rose I mean. Not to be confused with ´stache which is something I couldn´t grow if my life depended on it. All I end up with is like 6 whiskers and an itch.
Markieff Morris – 5% – Will start tonight at Power Forward so go ahead and stream him tonight and hold onto him tight for a few games to see how he meshes with Jermaine O´Neal and Luis Scola in the front court. It´s called minutes! Minutes equals opportunity! Wheeeeeeeeee.
Marcus Morris – 4% – The uglier of the Morris brothers hence the reason why he´s owned less than his brother. It´s always the good looking ones who get the perks!
Shaun Livingston – 1% – If you own Kyrie Irving than you best make room for Shaun, son! If you don´t own Kyrie Irving then go ahead and stream Shaun until Kyrie comes back and even then I might hold onto him a bit.
Josh McRoberts – 1% – If big, white, goofy looking guys who shoot under 40% FG are your thing than I´ve got a McValue for you.
Marcin Gortat – 82% – Kaput which I believe is Russian. I don´t know how to say done in Polish.
Derrick Rose – 80% – Drop Derrick Rose?! As if! But I´ve been holding onto him since November, never mind that I´m going to miss the playoffs, I need him in case I make it!  Stash if you can afford to but if you need to win and there´s someone who can help you now, I don´t see what choice you have but you always have choice. It´s a free country!
Ray Allen – 75% – Cheap threes!, said Martell Webster and Jodie Meeks! (and a dozen other guys)
Danny Granger – 72% – See Derrick Rose about an inch above!
Jason Terry – 61% – Now seems set as the 6th or 7th man. Newsflash! There is no 7th Man of the Year Award.
Andrew Bynum – 58% – Should be back for the start of the 2015 NBA season.
Jared Dudley – 54% – If you want to hold him for a game or two more to see his burn with Marcin Gortat gone, then fine. If he´s still not getting burn then launch! Or just launch now, whatever you want. I´m easy like that!
Ramon Sessions – 46% – Poor Ramon, he no longer can participate in losing causes of 30 points or more. Such a shame for him.
Chris Kaman – 42% – Told you to drop him weeks ago but you can be so stubborn! Of course, losing him depends on the Add but you already knew that!
Carl Landry – 37% – If I was the lucky and fortunate owner of Andrew Bogut I´d be holding onto Carl as if I was white and he was rice. Outside of that I´d launch for a hot free agent if one is out there.
Austin Rivers – 13% – It´s ok to lose him in your deep leagues. That is if he hasn´t already lost you your deep league first!

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