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Fantasy Basketball Add/Drops

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There’s a new sheriff in Charlotte and his name is Gerald Henderson! He shot the deputy, Ramon Sessions! Remember that song? It went something like this … I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy (oh, no). The song is by another famous Bob, Bob Marley! See what I did there? Anyway, with Ramon Sessions now out of the picture, Gerald has now been freed from his chains to garner more backcourt minutes. Over his last 5, he’s at 19.6 ppg/3 rpg/2.6 apg with so so peripherals but with minutes they’ll be ok. In Yahoo! leagues he’s only 44% owned which is completely shocking!, said Ray Allen (73%).  Soooo, what’s the moral of the story boys and girls? Shoot the deputy! Oh, by the way, there’s a new deputy in town and his name is Ben Gordon. You want threes, son, you got ‘em! I’d say Benny boy is going to be good for double-digit points and 2-3 threes per going forward. If he’s not, I’d eat my 10 gallon hat if I owned one! Anyway, it’s Add/Drop Friday! As always, this is a list of players trending up and down and adding or dropping them depends on the size of your league and the player pool available to you. We straight, Skippy! Ok, let’s get to it, shall we? Pleasee note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!
Derrick Williams – 51% – Not sure if you heard but Kevin Love aint coming back anytime soon, yo!
Tobias Harris – 49% – A revelation in Orlando so you better hurry and grab him before he disappears.
Jeff Green – 45% – Still getting minutes and will continue to get minutes. I think I may cry.
Brandon Bass – 41% – Jared Sullinger, or the Black Sully as I like to call him, is out for the year. Didn’t you hear!?
Nate Robinson – 39% – Stream ‘em while you got ‘em!
Martell Webster – 31% – Martell has been in every Add/Drop post for months. He’s like the elder statesman of the Add side!
Matt Barnes – 28% – Caron Butler is out a week, maybe more. I’m not sure exactly how long Caron will be out, only his whatever that’s hurt knows and I didn’t interview it.
Jermaine O’Neal – 24% – Boards, blocks, etc. yad, yada.
Rodney Stuckey – 24% – Now redeeming himself with Brandon Knight out but it’s too late, he’s not on anyone’s team who he already screwed over already so, in a way, the screwing keeps on coming. Sigh.
Thomas Robinson – 23% – Deep league grab, y’all! Monitor elsewhere.
Marco Belinelli – 20% – Farted on your pillow the other night but I expect some perfume to cover it up tonight.
Nick Young – 18% – Monitor him, in a week he may be 30% owned or 12 % owned. I’m betting closer to 30 than 12 but that’s just me.
Alonzo Gee – 15% – Picking up a bit of the slack with Kyrie Irving currently down for the count. Monitor or spec grab. Your call!
Jonas Valanciunas – 15% – Andrea Bargnani’s joy ride of  a season is finally mercifully over. Wasn’t that fun? Pick JV if you’d like, he’s soooo exciting!
Reggie Evans – 14% – Rebounds and more rebounds. Almond Joy’s got nuts, Rebounds don’t! Except Dennis Rodman.
Shaun Livingston – 12% – Starting at PG for Cleveland!
Jodie Meeks – 11% – Stream if Kobe Bryant i s to miss time. It will be raining threes!
Donatas Motiejunas – 6% – Deep league alert only at this point. Monitor elsewhere.
Lamar Odom – 6% – Doing a little bit o’ dis and a little bit o’ dat and also Khloe.
Gary Neal – 5% – Deep league useful.
Wes Johnson – 5% – I’d grab him in 12 team leagues to see if he can keep it up.
Eric Maynor – 5% – Cheap dimes!, said Reggie Evans.
Mike James – 3% – Playing better than the 73% owned Darren Collison. Oh, and also starting over him too!
Josh McRoberts – 3% – Taking advantage of Byron Mullens being Byron Mullens. You know, a wuss!
Chris Copeland – 2% – Could make for a nice streamer while Carmelo Anthony remains sidelined. I’m hearing possibly Sunday for Melo but that’s unconfirmed. Follow me on Twitter for real time fantasy basketball news!
Will Bynum – 3% – Getting some backcourt burn and makes for a useful play in 14 team leagues.
Kenyon Martin – 2% – Tyson Chandler is hurting, hell everyone is hurting on the Knicks so let Kenyon be your Huckleberry in the meantime. If that’s your thing.
Jae Crowder – 2% – Stream if Shawn Marion is to miss more time.
Mikael Gelabale – 1% – Not doing a bunch but getting burn until Andrei Kirilenko comes back. If ever.
Garrett Temple – 0% – See Mikael Gelable 1/4 inch above but substitute AK47 for Bradley Beal.
Kyrie Irving – 84% – There is no tomorrow so if you must win the first round of your playoffs then do the hurtful.
Darren Collison – 73% – Not playing nearly well enough to be owned in 73% of Yahoo! leagues.
Marcin Gortat – 64% – Obviously teams have given up on the season. It’s baseball season! Hey, speaking of fantasy baseball, don’t forget to go over to our sister blog where you will get all the same great fantasy advice and insight you’re used to but for baseball! How great is that! Rhetorical! Also, be sure to follow me for all baseball post udpates and real time fantasy baseball news on Twitter @hecmanbaseball.
Amare Stoudemire – 61% – See Marcin Gortat 1/4 inch above including the shameless baseball blog plug.
Andrew Bynum – 55% – Dare to dream then lose him.
Andrea Bargnani – 47% – It was not fun while it lasted!

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