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Top 50 NFL Dynasty Rookies you need to know for 2013

Article by Charles J Copeland
SportsWiseGuy Contributor 

On February 20th the 2013 NFL Draft Combine will kick off in Indianapolis and Dynasty Team owners will get their first hard look at the rookies who are going help them win their leagues and build their rosters with young talent.  This list will be great to follow going into the combine and you we be able to use it to plan out your 2013 Dynasty/Rookie Draft.  The numbers in parenthesis are the players rank at their position.  I will update the rankings more after the combine.

Ed Lacey


Eddie Lacy, RB (1)
Lacy’s Irish busting BCS performance has moved him into the 1st round of the NFL draft and put him at the top rookie drafts.  Strong enough to break tackles at the NFL level and quick enough to get in the hole.  Will be more Trent Richardson than Mark Ingram.
Giovani Bernard, RB (2)
Has the tools to be an every down back in the NFL.  Great speed and receiving skills out of the backfield.  Size may concern some, but with work he will mature into a solid back.
Cordarrale Patterson, WR (1)
The big WR is moving up draft boards and many don’t expect him to get out of the top 10.  Has a chance to be a team’s #1 WR in week 1.
Keenan Allen, WR (2)
 At 6’3 and 210 lbs, Allen has the body that NFL teams are looking for in a WR.  He has good speed and even better hands. 
Geno Smith, QB (1)
 Geno Smith is the only rookie guaranteed to be walking into a starting job.  He will go anywhere from 1st to 7th in this draft.
Tavon Austin, WR (3)
Austin’s past as a RB means he is better suited for contact than other WRs of his stature.  His lightning speed makes him ideal as a slot WR and an elite returner.
Stephan Taylor, RB (3)
One of my favorite players in this year’s draft should be a solid NFL back.  Thick base and strong drive gets him to the hole fast and to the 2nd level.  He needs to make up his mind a bit quicker, but he should get that coached up.  Great receiver out of the backfield and his size make him a potential every down back.  Think BenJarvis Green-Ellis.
DeAndre Hopkins, WR (4)
 He doesn’t get the press that Sammy Watkins gets at Clemson, but Hopkins is an elite talent.  He has great hands, range and speed and will be a legit NFL WR.
Quinton Patton, WR (5)
 With long arms and a great WR build, Patton makes scouts drool.  His speed eats up the DB cushion and always catches with his hands and not his body.  Tough route runner will be a starter at the next level.
Terrance Williams, WR (6)
 His size and speed are custom fit for the NFL.  He runs great routes and makes all the catches.
Andre Ellington, RB (4)
Speed, Speed, Speed!  Ellington is a home run threat any time he gets the ball.  He needs to continue to add some meat to his frame for the NFL, but his lateral burst is amazing.  Ellington is the top Sr. back in the draft and should go right after Lacy and Bernard in the 2nd round
Montee Ball, RB (5)
When you get compared to Curtis Martin, you have something going for you.  Ball is as solid a back as a team could draft.  He will not make mistakes and will work hard.
Joseph Randle, RB (6)
Still needs to put some more weight on his 6’0 frame, but has the tools to star.  Blocks nice and shows toughness.  Good receiver, with smart cuts.
Justin Hunter, WR (7)
 At 6’4 200lbs, Hunter is a big WR with #1 WR potential.  I question if he can reach that potential and join the NFL elite.  He needs to work on his pass catching for the next level and if he does that… Watch Out!
Ryan Nassib, QB (2)
 Nassib has risen up into the 1st round on a number of draft boards.  Nassib has enough arm and scouts love his toughness.  He is known for his ball fake skills and that is a talent that fits well in the NFL.
Matt Barkley, QB (3)
 If Barkley would have left after his junior year he would have been the 2nd pick in the NFL draft and a top 5 pick in rookie drafts.  He had a solid year, but USC’s failure to live up to expectations hurt him.  His leadership is his strong suit and I look for Arizona or Oakland to draft him.
Zach Ertz, TE (1)
 Smooth runner who will battle Eifert for the top TE of this draft.  You won't be disappointed with either one.
Robert Woods, WR (8)
 Woods started the 2012 season as the #1 WR, but he had too many drops this season and was overshadowed by other weapons at USC
Christine Michael, RB (7)
 Big strong back with a great quick first step.  Had a quite Sr year, but scouts love his game.
Aaron Dobson, WR (9)
 A big WR who is a vertical threat will always have a job in the NFL as long as his wheels still work.  Dobson has great speed and body control to make difficult catches.  He is great a fighting though the press at the line and always seems to find an open spot on the field.  He didn’t play anything other than the ‘X’ receiver at Marshall and will need to learn to be more versatile at the next level.
Da’Rick Rogers, WR (10)
 Rogers has pulled some Julio Jones comparisons and I think they are warranted.  Strong WR can handle press and get open fairly easy.
Tyler Eifert, TE (2)
 Great size and speed for a NFL TE and will be a next level starter.  He needs to further develop his blocking to be an every down TE, but is a 1st rd talent.
Marcus Lattimore, RB (8)
 If you have the room, you may want to stash Lattimore for 2014.  Seems to be progressing good, but it would be smart not to place your 2013 hopes on him.
Mike Gillislee, RB (9)
 Solid back that will not drop any jaws, but will put numbers on the board.  Good blocker, good pass catcher, reads blocks and makes quick moves.
Kenjon Barner, RB (10)
 Oregon’s offense didn’t take a step back after LaMichael James and Barner was a huge reason.  He has elite straight line speed and has the moves to get free in tight spaces.  Has great return skills and even better hands.  Had fumble troubles in college and must improve his blocking.
Codi Hamilton, WR (11)
 No Petrino hurt his senior year, but he showed plenty.  Good speed not blazing speed.
Markus Wheaton, WR (12)
May drop in the NFL draft due to lack of size, but you shouldn't let him slide.  Runs great routes and WILL be an excellent WR at the NFL level.
Mike Glennon, QB (4)
Glennon has the size and arm strength to be an NFL QB and the scouts have noticed.  He is getting 1st round grades by many draft scouts and will more than likely go in the top 15.  He needs to show good footwork, but his mechanics are there. 
Tyler Wilson, QB (5)
 The loss of Bobby Petrino may have hurt Wilson’s number, but scouts love what the numbers don’t show.  Wilson has a live arm, good instincts and the toughness that the NFL craves from QBs.  His only red flag is his history of head injuries in college.
Kenny Stills, WR (13)
 Stills is the kind of WR that makes the tough catches look easy and the easy catches look difficult.  He will need to become more consistent, but if he does he could be a solid NFL talent.
Johnathan Franklin, RB (11)
 Franklin has shown electric skills with the ball in his hands and has the moves to elude NFL tacklers.  He also has not shown consistent skills catching the ball and he fumbles too much to be a reliable every down back.
Travis Kelce, TE (3)
 Has sneaky speed after the catch and will eat YAC.  Great hands and solid blocking will make him a QBs best friend.
Le’Veon Bell, RB (12)
 At 244 lbs, Bell will not be a every down back, but he should be a legit TD machine in the NFL. 
Zac Stacy, RB (13)
Stacy finished an injury-prone, but promising career at Vanderbilt as the school’s all-time leading rusher.  Stacy is an undersized back with great speed and hands.  He is an elusive runner, that uses excellent vision to let his blocks open up. 

Stedman Bailey, WR (14)
 Austin was the sizzle and Bailey was the steak for WVU.  Bailey won't blow you away, but he is as reliable as they come.  Makes all the catches and runs clean routes.
Chris Harper, WR (15)
 Doesn't have the big time speed, but is fast enough.  Blocks well and plays smart.  That will get him on the field and give him a career.
Cierre Wood, RB (14)
 Wood has great balance and has enough shakes to avoid tacklers.  Good vision to hit the hole will get him hard looks.
Ray Graham, RB (15)
If Graham would not have injured his knee in 2011, he would have been one of the top RBs picked in last year’s draft.  He had a good senior season, but a hamstring injury cost him his last bowl game. 
Jawan Jamison, RB (16)
 Was compared to fellow Rutgers alum, Ray Rice, but I don't see it.  Good receiving skills, but may be too small to handle heavy load. 
EJ Manuel, QB (6)
 Raw QB will be poked and prodded by scouts at the combine.  he has the tools, but he needs to have them refined.
Marquise Goodwin, WR (16)
 Goodwin has world-class speed and if he gets on the field, he will get open.  Returning kicks or the slot will be his landing spot.
Ryan Swope, WR (17)
 Swope is a tough gritty WR that will win a job and playing time because of his blocking.  He's smart and plays above his talent.
Conner Vernon, WR (18)
Small and slow are not traits teams look for in WR, but Vernon brings great hands and the ability to always get open. 
Tavarres King, WR (19)
 A great Senior Bowl put King on many watch lists.  He has good speed and pass catching ability, but will need to get bigger for the NFL.
Ryan Otten, TE (4)
 Otten is the big, athletic TE that teams are looking for today.  He is a legit downfield threat and will not be under the radar long.
Theo Riddick, RB (17)
 Riddick is a fighter that doesn't go down on first contact.  He is a bit undersized for every down use.
Kerwynn Williams, RB (18)
 Kerwynn Williams is one of the most electric backs in the country and he will be a Sunday contributor.  He has return skills, great hands and has a very elusive running style.  His lack of size may hurt his stock, but he will make the team that drafts him very happy.
Landry Jones, QB (7)
 Has NFL size with a NFL arm.  Jones is a prime target for teams who need a QB in 2015 and you need to watch where he goes.
Rodney Smith, WR (20)
 Another big fast athletic WR that underperformed his senior year and will need a good Shrine Game and combine to show scouts he has what it takes to be a next level talent.  He needs to get stronger and he needs to become more consistent to star, but if he puts in the effort he has the tools to thrive
Jasper Collins, WR (21)
Mount Union WRs are on the map after Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts and Collins gives them another pro-ready WR.  He has good speed, runs great routes and has great hands.  He projects to a slot WR in the NFL, with great punt/kick return upside.  Would make a quality late round pick in your dynasty rookie draft, but should not be on any redraft radar.

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