Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 10 IDP Rookies to Watch For 2013

Article by Charles Copeland

The draft may be lite on elite offensive talent, but it is packed full on some high quality pass rushers and run stuffing tacklers.  Here are the 10 guys that you need to take note of come draft time and add to your list of potential IDP studs for 2013 and beyond.

  •  Dion Jordan, DE
Big tall edge rusher has a chance to be an impact pass rusher in 2013.  He plays smart and has a knack for separating the ball from the ball carrier.  He has double-digit sack potential.

  • Jarvis Jones, LB
Jones has a chance to step into a lineup and be a tackling machine.  He gets after the ball and is versatile enough to cover TEs or blitz the passer.

  • Manti Te’o, LB
Manti will be as a consistent tackler in this draft as you will find.  He has great instincts to diagnose the play and finds the ball.  He lacks speed, but will never be outworked.

  • Star Totulelei, DT
Big, strong and athletic are all words to describe Totulelei.  He has the speed to get to the QB and the power to hold up blockers and stuff the run.  He will be an elite NFL DT as a rookie and will be a force for years to come.

  • Bjoern Werner, DE
Werner is still raw, but he has a monster ceiling.  He gets off the ball quick and has the speed to beat NFL LTs from day one.  He will demand double teams from day one and will hit double-digits in sacks as a rookie.

  • Barkevious Mingo, DE
Mingo brings track star speed to the line and will be an elite NFL speed rusher.  He has perfect length for the position and gets the ball down if he can’t get to the QB.  Mingo could have an Aldon Smith type impact in the NFL.

  • Kevin Minter, LB
Minter is the best pure middle LB of this draft.  Gets to the ball anyway he can and has great anticipation skills.  Very good at timing his blitz and has solid pass defense skills.

  • Alex Okafor, DE
Okafor doesn’t have the elite speed, but he is strong as hell.  He has great run stopping skills and will develop his pass rush game quickly.  He works harder than anyone and has no quit.

  • Dee Milliner, CB
Has great ball skills and is not afraid to take chances to create turnovers.  Will bring the hammer on tackles and has a knack for knocking the ball loose.  He will get burned at times, but he will make enough big money plays to make up for them.

  • Ezekial Ansah, DE
If Ansah was a hamburger, he would be sent back to the kitchen for being too RAW.  He may be unfinished as a NFL DE, but he has the foundation to be a star.  He’s strong for his frame and has super quick feet to go with it.  Has great awareness to find the ball or to recognize screens and draws.


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