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Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen

Article by Jeremy McCabe
SportsWiseGuy Writer

Jose Altuve

    In a position with not too much depth, second base has been one of the positions over the years that has been top heavy, than a huge drop off. If you don’t get one of the big names, you will have a tough time getting consistent production from this position. Or you could always do second basemen by committee, but here we go.
10-Howie Kendrick
    Howard Kendrick is only two years removed from his career year in 2011. 2013 will be Howie’s fourth straight season in which he has a starting job and looking to make it his best yet. This career .292 will either hit second, behind Trout, or behind the big bats of Pujols, Hamilton and Trumbo. Wherever he hits, he will have opportunities to produce for your fantasy team. He has had three straight years of 30 or more doubles, and in those same three years, has stolen exactly 14 bases in each. His career high 75 RBIs in 2010 is maybe reaching a little bit for Howie, but the 63 and 67 he had in 2011 and 2012 may be closer to what he can achieve. If you are scrambling in the later rounds for a second basemen, Howie would do a serviceable job.
9-Marco Scutaro
    A surprise name on the list is this 37-year old Marco Scutaro. The 2012 NLCS MVP for the Giants had career best in multiple offensive categories, including hits (190), RBIs (74) and average (.306). After only playing in 61 games for the Giants last year after being traded from Colorado, he hit .362 with 88 hits in only 61 games! Marco is on a great San Fran team and will have a great season with them. A great season for Scutaro would put him at an above .300 average with 70 RBIs. If you need homeruns, don’t expect a lot from this second baseman. His career high is 12, and he doesn’t play in a hitter friendly park. If he gets 10 that will be a feat for him. Scutaro is what he is. He will get you hits and will be a good late second baseman for anybody’s team.
8-Jose Altuve
    Jose Altuve is probably the best player on arguably the worst team in the American League. That being said, the 22-year old still have value, and quite a bit of it. Yeah, he only had seven homeruns and thirty-seven RBIs last year, but he hit a career high .290 and 167 hits. In his second full season in the majors, Jose will look to improve on his numbers, and is hoping to help the newly AL West bound Astros to win more games. I don’t think Jose will ever hit more than 20 homeruns, but for however long he plays, I can definitely see him hitting over .300 for a good portion of his career.  Jose is a steal in the late rounds who can give you production.
7-Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill is a very solid second basemen. He has hit at least 26 homeruns in three of his big league seasons, and one of those times was in 2012, which was his first full season with Arizona. Last season, he also hit a career high .302 and brought home his second Silver Slugger award. Hill last season posted his second career highs in runs with 93, hits with 184, doubles with 44, and RBIs with 85. Now that the Arizona lineup is missing an Upton brother, Hill will need to produce at the rate he did last year, and if he does he will be a very good fantasy second basemen in 2013.
6-Jason Kipnis
    In Jason’s first full season, he missed having 600 at-bats by nine, but he will be out there every day in 2013. Terry Francona was gifted with another excellent second basemen, after he was separated from Dustin. He hit 14 homeruns and drove in 76 runs which is an above average number in each category for second basemen. He also scored 86 runs for the Tribe. Kipnis ended the season hitting a disappointing .257, but he still stole 31 bases! Which you wouldn’t expect from him, but that sure does help a fantasy team. I’m expecting Kipnis to be up in the .280 range this season with 20 homeruns. Anything more than that would be amazing. Kipnis is a good pick if you need a second basemen who will produce.    
5-Ben Zobrist
    The fact that Ben Zobrist is eligible for three positions makes his stock even higher. This Tampa Bay Ray has recorded at least 20 homeruns in three of the last four seasons, and has scored at least 77 runs in each of the last four seasons. He is a very undervalued player who could help your future team in a lot of ways. He has also driven at least 74 runs in each of the last four seasons. He has played in over 150 games in each of the past four years and last season played 47 games at short, 58 at second, and 71 in right. That is impressive and I don’t care who says otherwise. Another aspect of the game Ben could help you with is stolen bases, which he has averaged 18.5 per season for the last four seasons. Zobrist is a guy you could plug in so many different spots, and he will fill so many different needs for you. Pick him and you will not regret it.
4- Dustin Pedroia
    Very few players have won the Rookie of the Year and the MVP in consecutive seasons, but Dustin Pedroia is one of them. This 29-year old has one of the most powerful swings I have seen, and he is only 5 foot 9. Last season he missed some time, which did affect his numbers, but he is still a top five second basemen. He is a career .303 hitter who loves hitting balls over the monster. Dustin has never driven in 100 runs, or hit over 22 homeruns, but that is not his game. Dustin has scored over 80 runs in every season except one, and he only played 75 games the year he didn’t. He has scored over 100 in three of those seasons. He also has stolen over 20 bases in four of the last five seasons, and the one that he didn’t, was again his injury plagued season. Dustin is an elite second basemen when he stays on the field and will be a permanent stay on anyone’s fantasy team.
3-Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips has always been a great player to watch play, in my eyes. The thing about Brandon is that he can hit lead-off, or hit clean-up for Cincinnati. He has had six straight year of hitting over 18 homeruns, and he plays in a great hitter’s park in Great American. He has stolen at least 14 bases in seven straight years, and his career high is 32, which means he has the ability to do it. He has over 30 doubles in each of the last four seasons but has never driven in 100 runs, just like Dustin. This three-time Gold Glover is an elite second basemen, I don’t think anyone can question that. I am expecting a huge season from Brandon, maybe like his 2007 campaign when he had a 30-30 season.  If Brandon Phillips plays like he has been playing ever since he came to the Reds in 2006, he will be a great second basement to have next season, I promise you that.
2-Ian Kinsler
    Ian Kinsler is the table setter on the 2013 Josh Hamilton-less Texas lineup. Kinsler scored 105 runs last season, making that his fourth season out of five with at least 100. In every big league season, he has never hit under 20 doubles. The reason Kinsler scores so much is because he can put himself in scoring position. In five of the last six seasons, he has stolen over 20 bases. You have to take in mind with all his numbers, he has only played 150+ games in two of his seven seasons, and those were 2011 and 2012. Ian can give you production from second base. He has driven in over 70 runs in four of the last five and that is saying something for a leadoff hitter, granted it is the American League. Drafting Kinsler will make you not need to worry about second base all year.
1-Robinson Cano
    This New York Yankee isn’t only one of the best second basemen in the game, but he is one of the best players in baseball. Robinson Cano isn’t only a two-time Gold Glover, isn’t only a four-time Silver Slugger, but he is a rare Homerun Derby winner. Robinson Cano is in a ballpark built for him to take balls to right, but he is such a better hitter than that. He has hit over .297 in seven of his eight seasons with the Yankees. He is a horse too, playing in at least 159 games in six straight seasons. He has scored over 100 runs in each of the past four seasons. He has hit over 25 homeruns each of those four seasons also. He doesn’t steal bases, but I think I can overlook it. Actually, I know I can overlook it. He has never hit under 34 doubles in his eight seasons. If the Yankees are going to be scoring runs this season, Robinson Cano is going to play a huge role. And I love the sound of that. Cano is the best second basemen and I would love to have him on my team this year, as you should too. 

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  1. Finally someone is giving Ian Kinsler the credit he deserves.