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Fantasy Basketball Adds/Drops

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Last week in this here very same weekly Add/Drop series, here’s what I told you: Nick Young – 25% – I like him, I think you should grab him. At least until Jason Richardson comes back whenever that’ll be! The man is now 36% owned in Yahoo! leagues. Me thinks for a guy averaging 35.5 mpg/15 ppg/4.4 rpg/2 apg/1.4 3pm/1.6 spg over his last 5 he should NOT be just 36% owned. Hell, Ray Allen is 76% owned! Marcus Thornton is 77% owned! Hint, hint Allen and Thornton owners. I’m subtle like that. Yep, you’ll get some bad FG out of Nick but you have to take the good with the bad, those are the Facts of Life!, said Tootie. Anyway, most (all!) of these players you’ve read about here before. This Add/Drop post is simply a nice tidy weekend summary for you to peruse when thinking about who to grab, who to drop, who to trade, (inhale), who to hold and who to trade for! (exhale). As usual, ownership in your league is dependent on the size and culture of same (legalese, y’all!). This is a list of players who (whom!) I feel are underowned and trending up (insert happy face emoticon here) and who I feel are overowned and trending down (insert sad face emoticon here). Hey, it’s Add/Drop Friday! Let’s get to it, shall we? Please note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!
Ricky Rubio – 71% – Over his last 5 he’s at 10.2/3.2/8.6 with 1.8 spg and should only get better. Raise your hand if you dropped him. Ok, put your hand down. Now raise your hand if you read at hecmanhoops that you should drop him. I don’t see anyone raising their hand.
Isaiah Thomas – 61% – Averaging 32.6 pmg over his last 5. The nice stats are also there but I’m too lazy to type them. Hey, I do enough for you! Click the link but come back and finish the post if you do!
Amir Johnson – 54% – Still getting nice burn, no reason to expect it to stop.
Nate Robinson – 49% – Short shelf life but while not expired tastes oh, so good.
Earl Clark – 43% – Averaging 36.6 mpg over his last 5 and almost a double-double to boot! Or is it sneaker?
Brandon Bass – 42% – I said trending up, not necessarily good!
Sam Dalembert – 41% – Don’t be misled by his silly week this week. He’s also here because he’s trending up, not necessarily a must grab.
Wilson Chandler – 38% – Still not loving his minutes so temper expectations. Hard to be consistently productive with only 21.5 mpg. That’s what he’s averaging over his last 5.
Byron Mullens – 37% – Good on ya, mate, if you grabbed him. You still can! No, he’s not Australian! He’s actually American.
Avery Bradley – 37% – Getting starters’ type minutes or close to it. Can it translate into fantasy value? Meh, maybe. Maybe not!
Antawn Jamison – 31% – Trending up with Pau Gasol sidelined. His day to day production really depends on what side of the bed Mike D’Antoni wakes up on though. Imagine waking up next to that moustache every morning? Ewwwww.
Courtney Lee – 29% – See Avery Bradley an inch or two up depending on your screen. I think he can do better than what he’s done. Let’s see.
Jerryd Bayless – 29% – He’s very much in the rotation, just don’t expect his big run to continue. You may get dizzy!
Taj Gibson – 28% – More of a stash through the trade deadline type guy.
Al Harrington – 26% – If he’s healthy I could see him doing stuff to help you in the 2nd half. Who doesn’t like a guy who could help you?
Patrick Patterson – 25% – Averaging 28.6 mpg over his last 5 and seems to have finally fended off Marcus Morris for the majority of playing time. He aaaigght.
Jimmy Butler – 25% – Continue to ride until Derrick Rose comes back. Or move him now. He’ll definitely regress when it gets a bit more crowded. In Dynasty leagues, he’s interesting though.
Marreese Speights -24% – Averaging around 26 mpg over his last 5 along with 15.6/7.6 and a block per. I really, really think you could use that, said Chris Kaman.
Al-Farouq Aminu – 20% – Only averaging 22.6 mpg over his last 5 so I wouldn’t say he’s trending up.
Martell Webster – 19% – A very, very sneaky fantasy play. Keep making fun of the owner who has him. Go ahead. Swish.
Jeff Green – 18% – Averaging 14/3.2/2 with around a three and a block in 26 mpg over his last 5. If that floats your boat then float away! It looks good enough to stay afloat.
Kyle Singler – 13% – Averaging 10.5/5/1.2 with around a steal, block and a three in 33 mpg over his last 5. He’s getting burn, y’all! He may continue to get burn for the “ROS” as we like to say on Twitter. Abbreviations!
Marvin Williams – 11% – When choosing between Marvin and Kyle Singler, I’ll take Kyle and, no, it’s not because I’m white!
Lance Stephenson – 9% – Been playing well lately but should regress when Danny Granger comes back so if you want him you better hurry and grab him. Quick!
Jonas Valancuinas – 8% – Just a stash and pray right now. Nothing more than that. Start praying for Jonas. He needs all the prayers he can get!
Lamar Odom – 7% – Makes for a nice play while Blake Griffin is out. He stole the ball 6 times the other night. It was completely legal!
E’Twaun Moore – 7% – More of a stash through the deadline type recommendation. If J.J. Redick is launched he could end up with some nice combo minutes. Doesn’t hurt anyway to see if you have the room.
Leandro Barbosa – 4% – Probably should be owned in more than 4% of Yahoo! leagues. He’s not all that but he’s worth more than 4% owned!
Enes Kanter – 2% -  I had him in my Add/Drop last week. You see what he did the other night? Stash him in case Utah makes a deal! I’m talking to you! No, not you, the other guy. Ok, both of you.
Not all the players on this list are not all outright drops, more like they are downward trending so I just recommend you monitor them and keep an eye out for the hot free agents just in case. We straight, Skippy? That’s your new name.
Marcus Thornton – 77% – Like Ray Allen a name goes a long way, much further then it’ll get you in the standings though. Sigh.
Brandon Knight – 76% – The ownership percentages indicates he’s owned in a bunch of shallow leagues. Monitor and possibly lose for a hot free agent if Will Bynum and Rodney Stuckey cramp his style.
Ray Allen – 76% – Question for you: What’s the difference between Ray Allen and Randy Foye? … About 30%!
Jason Kidd – 54% – Been there done that, just reminding you.
Kris Humphries - 50% – I’m not really sure if Yahoo’s! ownership percentages are right. I mean they can’t be. Right?!They are! Why!!!!! No question mark needed!
Chris Kaman – 46% – Concussed! He doesn’t know where he is. He’s lost! You lose him too if you’d like.
Jason Richardson – 36% – He’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone.

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