Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Combine Thoughts

Article by @agreatcall

Deep draft, especially at D-Line, WR, CB, and Safety

I love the Honey Badger, and his 4.4 did nothing in my opinion but to make him even more of a great value pick in round 3.

There are NO good quarterbacks in this draft. If Geno Smith is the number one QB, that's a problem.

With Brady signing his extension yesterday, makes even more sense for the Pats to trade backup Ryan Mallett. If they can get a second rd pick, should be a done deal. If Mallett was in this draft he'd be the #1 QB taken. Makes sense for teams in the market for a QB to look to acquire Mallett.

Since the NFL has gone away from the running game, it seems logical that the draft dictates that too, maybe one RB goes in round one (Lacy-Alabama).

Three Left Tackles are going to go top ten.

Manti Te'o isn't going in round 1. Slow two down linebackers aren't worthy of a first round pick.

The SEC as a whole produces both the best athletes and the best football players.

I enjoy the new slot receiver position, quick and fast little guys are always exciting. It's funny that the Wes Welker was the originator, now everyone is looking for the new breed (ie quicker and faster than Welker). And there are few potential good one's in this year's draft.

If I ran a forty yard dash today at full speed, there is a huge chance that I would hurt myself.

Find it interesting that the jets are now openly listening to trade offers for Revis. Trade their best player then totally rebuild I guess.

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