Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Fantasy Baseball Prospects To Watch This Spring

Article by Charles J Copeland
SportsWiseGuy Contributor 

Adam Eaton

You want to get a Mike Trout or a Miguel Cabrera on your fantasy roster. You want to load that thing up with high profile talent and watch the points follow.  You want to draft the perfect squad and put your team on cruise control.  Don’t we all.  That’s not what wins fantasy baseball titles.  Fantasy baseball is a grind that takes digging through 2-start pitchers, 4th outfielders and middle relievers to get a leg up on your competition.  It also takes a bit of fortune telling.  To win your league, you have to be the guy who gets the hot new thing before he becomes the hot new thing.  This list of 10 Fantasy Prospects to Watch might help.
Wil Myers, OF, Rays
This is a free one, because if Myers isn’t on your list, fantasy baseball is not your game.  Myers has solid power and makes great contact with the ball.  The Royals failed to give him a shot, but the Rays are not going to make that mistake.  Myers is invited to spring training and might start the season in AAA, but he will be roaming the Rays OF by June 1st.
Billy Hamilton, OF, Reds
Billy Hamilton just ran past you.  Did you see it?  Hell, no you didn’t.  Hamilton is the fastest man baseball and is coming off a record breaking 155 steals last season in A/AA.  He has a few bodies in front of him in the Reds outfield, but I don’t think that will last.  Look for Hamilton to be getting on base and giving catchers and pitchers hell about mid-summer.
Travis d’Arnaud, C, Mets
When d’Arnaud gets to the bigs, he will be a top 5 hitting catcher.  Book it, print it, and believe it.  He makes great contact and hits for quality power.  He has to wait for his knee to heel 100% and for the Mets to realize that john Buck is their catcher, before he takes the spot for the next decade.
Dylan Bundy, SP, Orioles
Bundy will be tearing up the AA ball until the Orioles weak starting pitching gives him a rotation spot.  He has great pitch control and enough power to be a legit punch-out pitcher in the majors.  He will start 2013 in the minors, but look for Bundy to hit the rotation in July.
Miguel Sano, 3B, Twins
Sano is only 19-years-old, but he has been earning a few comparisons to the Triple Crown winning Miguel.  His defense is a liability, but his bat has enough pop to get him in the lineup sooner rather than later.  He is an off the radar guy today, but a hitter with his talent can show up on the radar very quickly.
Shelby Miller, SP, Cardinals
Miller should be the winner to get the rotation spot opened up by Chris Carpenter’s demise, but he had the talent to get in the rotation on his own.  It may take him a few weeks to get his rhythm going, but he will make you very happy you have him on your roster come June.
Mike Zunino, C, Mariners
Zunino is going to be one of the game’s better catchers as soon as he passes all the minor league tests the Mariners are going to give him.  He is smart, tough and a hell of a hitter.  Catchers take a little more seasoning than other positions, but Zunino is on the fast track.
Adam Eaton, OF, Diamondbacks
Eaton should be the day one CF for the Diamondbacks with his speed and hitting or the D-Backs wouldn’t have let Upton go.  He doesn’t show a power stroke yet and he was pushed around at the end of 2012, but he makes great contact and puts the ball in play.  Take a chance and grab him in your draft and enjoy the view.
Trevor Rosenthal, RP, Cardinals
Rosenthal will be in some conversations about Carpenter’s spot, but I see his 100mph heat in the pen to start the season.  He may move into the rotation at some point in the summer, but you can start the season with him on your watch list.
Oscar Taveras, OF, Cardinals
Taveras give the Cards 3 prospects to watch and Taveras might be the best.  Always seems to make contact and rarely gets fooled by pitches.  He will be competing with Myers to become the new bat to watch in the majors and I think he has a chance to be a star.  It also helps he is one almost guaranteed Carlos Beltran injury away from the lineup.

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