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Week 15 Waiver Wire pickups

Week 15 Waiver Wire Pickups

With the Week 15 Waiver Wire Pickups coming your way, you either have 1 week, 2 weeks or even 3 weeks to claim that big fantasy football trophy. Or maybe you’re salivating over the big pot of moolah that’s been burning a hole in your commissioner’s pocket all year. Either way, it’s another week to dump some of the trash and pick up some hidden treasures that popped up this past week.
As always, this list will not be completed until Tuesday mid-morning. See anyone you feel is deserving as a waiver wire pickup? Let me know in the comments below. Please keep in mind that all these options are for standard 12 team leagues. It’d be easy to add about 20 more guys for 16-20 teamers.


Week 15 Waiver Wire PickupsNick Foles: Eagles (ESPN Owned 3.9%)
The good news is that Foles broke the Eagles’ rookie record for most passing yards in a game, with 381 yards along with 2 touchdowns. The bad news is that you didn’t start him. Or if you did, you must be in a severely large league. Against the Buccaneers, Foles showed tremendous pocket awareness, was conscious of the blitz and was able to make plays while in motion. Not to mention the kid has a cannon for an arm. One huge plus for Foles was that the last play of the game came from Foles himself and not the coaching staff. So to have that kind of trust in a rookie is pretty rare. With Bryce Brown shut down by the continuing dominance of Tampa’s rushing defense, Foles rushed for 27 yards and another score on the ground. Don’t get excited and toss him in as your starter against the Bengals in Week 15, however. He’s still a rookie. But dynasty owners just saw Foles seal up his status as the 2013 starter.
Colin Kaepernick: 49ers (ESPN Owned 47.8%)
Kaepernick didn’t do much through the air against the Dolphins, but his 53 rushing yards and a score salvaged most of his fantasy value. It’s clearly looking like CK is no longer considered a QB1. But if you can start a quarterback in your flex, he isn’t that bad of an option. With the win over Miami, I hightly doubt Jim Harbaugh will bench Kaepernick for Alex Smith against the Patriots.
Jake Locker: Titans (ESPN Owned 7.6%)
Locker might be throwing up a lot of passing yards, but damn this kid loves turning the ball over. Over the past 3 weeks, Locker has turned the ball over 9 times, which totally shadows his 3-straight one-touchdown streak. Locker is still on your waiver wire for a reason. If you don’t get negative points for turnovers, which I highly doubt, Locker might be worth a look. Otherwise, don’t even touch him.


David Wilson: Giants (ESPN Owned 40.3%)
With Ahmad Bradshaw in-and-out against the Saints, Wilson finally had his coming out game as he rushedWeek 15 Waiver Wire Pickups  for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. But for owners who don’t get special teams value for players, most missed out on his 227 kickoff return yards and another score. There is no word yet on whether Bradshaw will be good to go for Week 15 against the Falcons, so Wilson is more of a pickup as a handcuff at this point. He still isn’t trusted on passing downs and he’s not an option if Bradshaw is good to go for Week 15. So eye Wilson up, but do it with caution. This could be more of a fluke than a find considering his big day was against the Saints.
Montell Owens: Jaguars (ESPN Owned 8.8%)
If you didn’t play Owens yesterday, don’t feel bad. Even though he had a great matchup against the Jets, he was simply too much of a wildcard as an unknown. And given the track record of MJD’s other replacements, I didn’t have high hopes. But Owens came through with a 91-yard one-touchdown performance. As great is this firs appearance was, Owens could come crashing down against a much strong Dolphins run defense in Week 15.
Joique Bell: Lions (ESPN Owned 10.2%)
It wasn’t coach speak that Jim Schwartz was throwing at us when he said he wanted Bell more involved in the running game. Bell’s 17 touches against the Packers were a season high, which could mean good things going forward. Bell is still the passing-down back. Plus, his 12 carries were only 2 less than Mikel Leshoure’s, who rushed for 49 yards. It appears Leshoure is losing a lot of value, which will push him down the rankings for Week 15. Bell looks like he could be a legit flex option for the rest of the season.
Bilal Powell: Jets (ESPN Owned 3.1%)
The Jets/Jaguars game might have been ugly, but the Jets’ running game was a shining light. Powell’s 19 rushes for 78 yards were both season highs and he’s now scored 4 times in the last 4 games. While he’s still in a timeshare with Shonn Green, the committee is still alive and well in New York. Just keep in mind this is still a very bad Jets offense.
Week 15 Waiver Wire PickupsJason Avant: Eagles (ESPN Owned .5%)
Coming into his own as a rookie starter, Nick Foles used Avant quite a bit against the last ranked Buccaneers passing defense. Avant’s 7 catches for 133 yards was the most action he has seen since Week 9 against the Saints. But temper your enthusiasm. It was the Buccaneers. Plus the Eagles abandon the run, allowing Foles to sling it a lot Sunday. Going up against the Bengals on Thursday night, Avant is nothing more than a low-end WR3. He’s still the No. 3 receiver behind Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper.
Andrew Hawkins: Bengals (ESPN Owned 10.7%)
After an encouraging first half of the season, Hawkins fell to fantasy obscurity. But in the last 2 weeks, he’s found himself somewhat relevant again, racking up 11 catches for 91 yards and a score. I still believe that at full health, Hawkins is the best receiver the team has behind A.J. Green. But like Avant, temper your expectations for the rest of the season.


Rob Housler: Cardinals (ESPN Owned .1%)
The tight end position doesn’t have many true fantasy prospects this week. At least not to me anyway. AWeek 15 Waiver Wire Pickups bunch of one-week wonders, with very little looking like a true fantasy asset. Housler is the best that I could find. Housler is huge at 6’5/250 and very athletic, but his value is hindered by the garbage the team keeps putting out there at quarterback. Still, he has 19 catches over the last 3 weeks, so it’s hard not to add Housler to the list. However, he is the lowest of the low as a TE2 option.

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