Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 50 Fantasy Football Keeper Rankings

We're approaching the end of the 2012 fantasy football season. I have already released my Early 2013 Fantasy Rankings so now I have decided to give you my Top 50 Keepers entering next season.

My rankings are based on a three-year span beginning in 2013 and ending after the 2015 season.

I took age into consideration as I created my keeper rankings. For instance, I did not rank Tony Gonzalez, Frank Gore or Reggie Wayne in the Top 50.

Can't really go wrong with the first 8. I'm going to assume the first real controversial ranking is with RG3 at number 8.

Griffin III is currently the number one fantasy scorer in the game right now. He reminds me of a young Steve Young and with Mike Shannahan coaching him I have no concerns with the play calling.
Many people will question why rank him so high? My answer is simple; if you drafted RG3 you probably picked him up in the 8th or 9th round. If you selected Megatron in the first or even Trent Richardson in the third, you would lose a high draft pick in order to keep them. RG3 will undoubtedly be a first rounder next season. For the players above him, I feel safe that they will put up huge numbers in 2013.
Fitzgerald remains a Top 10 WR right now. There's a good chance the Cardinals will make a change at QB this off season. My prediction is that the team brings in Mike Vick. If no changes are made, Fitz will be a top trade candidate heading into next season as the team looks to rebuild.

Top 50 Keepers
1. Arian Foster HOU - RB 1
2. Adrian Peterson MIN - RB2
3. Doug Martin TB - RB3
4. Ray Rice BAL - RB4
5. Aaron Rodgers GB - QB1
6. A.J. Green CIN - WR1
7. LeSean McCoy PHI - RB5
8. Jamaal Charles KC - RB6
9. Marshawn Lynch SEA - RB7
10. Robert Griffin III WSH - QB2
11. Calvin Johnson DET - WR2
12. Trent Richardson CLE - RB8
13. Brandon Marshall CHI - WR3
14. Matt Forte CHI - RB9
15. Demaryius Thomas DEN - WR4
16. Maurice Jones-Drew JAX/TBD - RB10
17. Drew Brees NO - QB3
18. Tom Brady NE - QB4
19. Jimmy Graham NO - TE1
20. Darren McFadden OAK - RB11
21. Andrew Luck IND - QB5
22. Julio Jones ATL - WR6
23. Cam Newton CAR - QB6
24. Rob Gronkowski NE - TE2
25. Roddy White ATL - WR5
26. Peyton Manning DEN - QB7
27. Mike Wallace PIT - WR7
28. Matthew Stafford DET - QB8
29. Andy Dalton CIN - QB9
30. Andre Johnson HOU - WR8
31. DeMarco Murray DAL - RB12
32. Alfred Morris WSH - RB13
33. Larry Fitzgerald ARI/TBD - WR9
34. Victor Cruz NYG - WR10
35. Stevan Ridley NE - RB14
36. Chris Johnson TEN - RB15
37. Matt Ryan ATL - QB10
38. Vincent Jackson TB - WR11
39. C.J. Spiller BUF - RB16
40. Reggie Bush MIA - RB17
41. Jordy Nelson GB - WR12
42. BenJarvus Green-Ellis CIN - RB18
43. Ryan Mathews SD - RB19
44. Dez Bryant DAL - WR13
45. Marques Colsten NO - WR14
46. Percey Harvin MIN - WR15
47. Torrey Smith BAL - WR16
48. Eric Decker DEN - WR17
49. Eli Manning NYG - QB11
50. Colin Kaepernick TB - QB12

I know it's early to look at next season but I wanted to get my Top 50 out prior to the apocalypse, Just kidding but seriously, I finally gave in and got a smart phone. I figured the end of the world would come before I got an intelligent phone.

Now if I get a girlfriend before the 21st I would be REALLY scared.

If you want to talk Keeper Ranks comment in the section below (I will periodically check back to answer any questions like I did with my Top 250 Baseball Keeper Rankings) or find me on Twitter @Awies28

Written by Alex Wiesner

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  1. Why no Russell Wilson? He has outscored Luck in most leagues and has more of a track record than Kaepernick.