Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So you want to know who to Add in Fantasy Basketball, huh? Ok! By @hecmanhoops

So sorry my Add/Drop post is out a little later than usual but I had to go to my baby boy’s nursery school holiday party where we sang Christmas songs and drank spiked egg nog, it was good stuff! Anyway, I hope maybe you were kept occupied this morning with the weekly Rotoinfo fantasy basketball podcast that I co-host with the Fantasy Nomad Michael Pichan (@FantasyNomad). If you haven’t caught it yet, just click on the link and you’ll be magically transported to fantasy basketball podcast nirvana. Just don’t mind the one who sounds like a 14 year old girl on helium; I blame my mother. Anyway, it’s add/drop Friday! Let’s get to it, shall we? (Please note all ownership percentages are from Yahoo!)
Nikola Vucevic – 66% – He’s the last man standing in a front court that only had one man and a baby.
Jordan Crawford – 64% – Click the link, go ahead don’t be shy.
Bradley Beal - 56% – See Jordan Crawford 1/4 inch above.
Jason Thompson – 54% – Been quietly solid all year long. Very steady. I like steady, especially on boats, I throw up easily.
Jarrett Jack – 46% – Over his last five he’s averaging 32.4 mpg/17.8 ppg/5 rpg/6.2 apg/.516 FG/.857 FT/2.2 3pm. So 46% is waaaay too low. Yes, I’m talking to you owner of Ray Allen in shallow leagues and his 85% Yahoo! ownership.
Kawhi Leonard – 45% – A little bit of steals in my life, a little bit of threes by my side, a little bit of rebounds is all I need, a little bit of solid percents all night long. Kawhi Number 5!
Marco Belinelli – 30% – Still getting big run at the two, I like big run, just not like marathons and such, that’s too long. My knees would start to hurt.
Ed Davis – 29% – Minutes = rebounds. In theory anyway.
Austin Rivers – 21% – Getting minutes. We’ve gone over him ad nauseam. Latin!
Matt Barnes – 20% – He’s suddenly much better than the other Barnes, you know, Harrison. Ewww, Harrison, ewww, shoo.
Bismack Biyombo – 20% – You could do worse for boards and blocks. Should be rostered in 14 team leagues and probably standard leagues too if you have the room.
Alexey Shved – 19% – I’ve had a bunch of these guys in these Add/Drop Friday posts so I apologize but I want you to win so I remind you about them sometimes. Not every week, I don’t want to shoooove everyone down your throat, just a few guys.
Andre Drummond – 18% – Not a must own but if you can stash him, I see a nice second half in store for him. Hopefully even sooner!
Alan Anderson – 11% – Getting burn, getting burn, hitting threes. He’s also only one of three players in the NBA with the initials AA. Can you name the other two. The answer is at the bottom of the post and don’t cheat!
Amir Johnson – 16% – Getting front court minutes. Ho hum.
Lamar Odom – 6% – More of a monitor situation. You can even monitor him on the E Channel! I think, I haven’t watched the E Channel in maybe 6 or 7 years.
John Salmons – 4% – Getting burn at the 3 so I’m obligated to let you know. Now the decision is in your hands. You control your own destiny, it’s your team!
Andrew Nicholson – 4% – Gone over him here and here. Please click on one of those links, if you do, I’ll make like .000001 cents. Thanks for your support.
Tyler Zeller – 3% – I mention Tyler only because he should be streamed if Anderson Varejao is too miss more time, otherwise feel free to ignore. His feelings won’t be hurt if you ignored.
Tony Douglas – 3% – Deeeep league special.
Ray Allen – 85% – Now down to 85% after he was at 87% last week so I guess shallow leaguers are starting to get the hint.
Ersan Ilyasova – 73% – Potential and $2.25 will get you on the NYC subway.
Kris Humphries – 68% – He really shouldn’t be owned in shallow leagues and is barely ownable in standard leagues right now. If there’s nothing better on the wire then fine, hold him, otherwise feel free to lose him for a hot free agent.
Michael Beasley – 62% – I couldn’t have been more wrong about Michael Beasley in my pre-season Draft Guide. Kicked right square in the nuts! Gee, thanks, Mike.
Elton Brand – 53% – Continue holding and playing if you like to lose.
Harrison Barnes – 48% – I think he’ll resurface again this season with fantasy value but for now can be lost for a hot free agent. Sigh.
Andray Blatche – 31% – Give him a pat on the back, thank him then shove him off the plank.
Antawn Jamison – 29% – Eww, ewwww, ewwww, shoo, go away. Leave!
Answer: Arron Afflalo and Al-Farouq Aminu. I think Farouq is his middle name, if it’s not then just imagine it.

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