Friday, December 28, 2012

NFL Week 17 Spread Picks By: Richard Donohue (@floworcrash)

I hope everyone had a nice holiday! Well, here we are. The football season is the quickest in sports and this will be the final edition of my spread picks this year. Last week, I went 1-2, which puts me at 19 – 15 overall. I don’t know about you, but I really need to slay the bookie this week, my New Year’s tab is going to be rather high!

Kansas City Chiefs + 16 at DENVER BRONCOS:

Listen, I know the Chiefs are horrible, but this spread is too high. This isn’t College Football, where spreads are regularly ridiculous. Being spotted 2 touchdowns in the NFL is too much, regardless of the matchup. In this scenario, we have a team in Denver who has everything locked up at this point. Winning here, which they more than likely will, does them no good. They could sit everyone in the second half, unless it’s actually close. Last time KC played Denver, they kept it competitive with a 17 – 9 loss. By the way, Jamaal Charles has led the Chiefs rushing attack to be ranked 5th in the league, averaging 153.7 yards per game.

Arizona Cardinals + 16 ½ at SAN FRANSICO 49er’s

Again, being favored by more that two touchdowns in the NFL is too juicy to avoid. Here’s a simple game of having something to play for versus not. They say every play is a resume, and the best way for scouts to have insight into a player’s character is to see how they perform when they are of it. Do they quit? Or show some heart and professionalism? I find a lot of NFL players go with the latter. Meanwhile, the Niners are playing for the division, but there’s no need to run up the score here. This isn’t the BCS.
Just like the Chiefs, I feel like this team will show up enough to cover.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – 5 vs. Carolina Panthers:

The Saints seem to be returning to form but, it’s a bit too late. Either way, they are hot winning two in a row. Now they welcome Carolina, who have won 4 out of their last 5, and 3 in a row. I know the Saints defense is HORRID, but their offense is way too good. They are home for their last game, and want to avoid a losing a season. If this spread was 7 or more, I’d go the other way, but I think New Orleans will cover here. 

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