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Fantasy Football Love/Hate by @jdLAW6



   Josh Freeman vs Saints
New Orleans has the worst pass defense to opposing QBs in the NFL allowing 22 pts per game on average. Last week he played a bad game and still pulled out 16 points. This one is going to be a shootout.

   Russell Wilson vs Bills
Seattle's offense is clicking and in weeks 12 and 13, at Miami and at Chicago, Wilson scored 19 and 26 pts. The Bills defense, although playing better, doesn't have the same talent as those two defenses.

   Carson Palmer vs Chiefs
Kansas City allows 20.5 pts per game to opposing QBs. Both of these defenses are really bad. Just like Tampa Bay and New Orleans, this one is a shootout.


   Matt Ryan vs Giants
Ryan has only averaged 8 pts in his last three home games with 1 touchdown to 5 picks. He seems to get happy feet when he faces a good pass rush and thats what the Giants do best.

   Colin Kaepernick vs Patriots
Once again the garbage time rushing touchdown saved him last week. 11 of his 18 pts came on one run. Belichick's defense has been playing better since acquiring Aqib Talib, forcing 5 interceptions in as many weeks.

   RG3 vs Browns
If he is cleared to play you have to start him unless you have a respectable backup. Cleveland's defense is pretty tough at home. I feel like he will start the game but will not finish it.


   Brandon Weeden vs Redskins
The Redskins defense has given up 27 and 20 pts to opposing QBs in their last two road games. Cleveland's offense has also been playing better in the last few weeks.



   Reggie Bush vs Jaguars
You can only look so good against the 49ers with a rookie quarterback and Bush looked the part. The Jags are allowing 21 pts per game to opposing RBs. Bush will get his touches in this game.

   Chris Johnson vs Jets
Johnson has wet the bed in the last few weeks but the Jets are 23rd against opposing RBs. Not to mention he plays on Monday night and he will want to put on a show. If they give him the ball, he will have a big week.

   Darren Sproles vs Buccaneers
Last week was the first time he has been healthy since his hand injury in week 8. You can't run on Tampa's Defense, but you can definitely throw. He will be on the field for plenty of snaps in this game.


   Frank Gore vs Patriots
Belichick usually tries to shut down one aspect of the opposing teams offense. This week it will be the running game. The Patriots score a ton of points at home and I expect San Francisco to fall behind early.

   Stevan Ridley vs 49ers
Ridley has burned me the last two weeks but since he is going up against the 49ers, I'll put him here again. The touchdowns have been saving him and the 49ers have only given up two rushing touchdowns all season. I don't think he scores this week.

   Knoshon Moreno vs Ravens
Moreno is getting a boat load of carries from Manning. I expect he will have a decent game but I wouldn't look for same production he had last week. Baltimore has only allowed two rushing TDs in the last 6 weeks.


   David Wilson vs. Falcons
If Ahmad Bradshaw is out and Wilson gets all of the carries, he is a poor mans C.J. Spiller.



   Marques Colston vs Buccaneers
Tampa Bay's pass defense is pathetic. See Darren Sproles.

   Denario Alexander vs Panthers
Alexander is averaging 16 points per game over the last 5 weeks along with five touchdowns. He has become Phillip Rivers #1 target and has now become matchup proof.

   Wes Welker vs 49ers
Tom Brady might throw the ball 60 times in this game because they won't be able to run the ball effectively . San Francisco has trouble overing slot receivers, surrendering big games to Amendola and Victor Cruz. Welker will see plenty of targets in this game.


   Julio Jones vs Giants
This may come as a surprise, but Julio Jones has not scored a single touchdown at home this year. With the Giants pass rush, Matt Ryan will have to get rid of the ball fast. Look for Roddy White & Tony Gonzalez to get most of the attention this game. Ryan won't have time to find Julio downfield.

   Dez Bryant vs Steelers
Dez has been known to drop a few passes even without a broken index finger. If he plays, I expect for him to be a decoy. Despite last week, Pittsburgh is still fourth in the NFL against WRs.

   Torrey Smith vs Broncos
Torrey Smith will be matched up against Champ Bailey this week. Bailey only allowed 55 yards to Vincent Jackson and 43 to Denarious Moore. There are plenty of WRs with better match ups than Smith.


   Josh Gordon vs Redskins
The Redskins are 31st in the NFL against opposing WRs and Gordon is the #1 receiver in Cleveland.



   Dallas Clark vs Saints
If you own any Saints or Bucs, you are starting them this week. See Josh Freeman.

   Martellus Bennet vs Falcons
The Falcons are surprisingly 2nd in the NFL to opposing WRs, only giving up 6 TDs this season to WRs. They have given up 5 TDs to TEs. Bennet has had  touchdowns in back to back weeks.


   Heath Miller vs Cowboys
The cowboys have only given up two touchdowns to opposing TEs since week 4, both of which came in the same week against Cleveland. I expect this to be a low scoring game.

   Jason Witten vs Steelers
The Steelers only allow 5pts per game to opposing TEs on the season and only one TD since week 6. The most points allowed was 12 in week three to Oakland.



   Lions vs Cardinals
The Lions are playing the Cardinals this week. Enough said.

   Browns vs Redskins
I wouldn't like them a much if RG3 plays, but like I said earlier, I doubt he plays a full game. Either way, the Browns don't have to plan for his running ability.


   49ers vs Patriots
Remember the Texans last week? The 49ers defense is better than Houstons but its Brady in Foxboro in December. Start them if you dare.

   Bears vs Packers
Since week 11, the Bears defense is only averaging 5pts per game facing QBs like Christian Ponder twice, Colin Kaepernick, and Russell Wilson. They haven't faced a top tier offense such as the Packers with an elite QB such as Rogers.

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