Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Picks By Richard Donohue (@floworcrash)

Thanksgiving Day Picks
By Richard Donohue (@floworcrash)

Last week I went 3-1, which puts me at a respectful 10 – 6 for the year. I was right about
the half point being the difference in the Lions vs. Packer game, I was just on the wrong
side of it!

Thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday. Let’s be real here: you get to enjoy more
food then you can possibly handle, spend quality time with the family, all framed around
NFL games being played all day! It really doesn’t get any better. You get to be a glutton,
guilt free!

In celebration of this wondrous occasion, I am going to provide bonus picks for just the
Thanksgiving Day games. This will be an addition to my regular picks article, which
I will be posting later this week. That’s right, I’m going for the six pack! So pass the
cranberry sauce and pay attention!

Houston Texans - 3 at DETROIT LIONS

The Texans took one on the chin last week but in the end got it done. It was your classic
case of a trap game. It took a historic performance by Matt Schaub to get the win in
overtime, who threw for 527 yards and 5 TDs! What can they do for encore? For starters,
you can count on them not taking another opponent lightly for the rest of the season.
Secondly, Arian Foster surprisingly did not get into the party last week, rushing for only
77 yards on 28 attempts. The Lions have a better rush defense than the Jags (most do),
but it’s not exceptional by any means. They allow an average 114 rushing yards a game.
If anyone on the Texans offense has a chip on their shoulder coming out of last week, it’s
Foster. I see him having a bounce back game this week on this short turnaround.

The big difference here will be Houston defense. They made Chad Henne look like
Aaron Rodgers. Matt Stafford is simply having a down year in 2012, and I think the
Texans will redeem themselves on national television.

Washington Redskins + 3 ½ at DALLAS COWBOYS

The Dallas Cowboys may be pushing to take over the NFC EAST, but against the spread
at home THEY ARE AWFUL. 0-4. The only other team worse in this category is The
Jags at 0-5. Look at how they played last week. They had to come up with some last
second heroics to get the job done. To their credit, the Browns played them tough, but the
Boys were 8 point favorites!

Now before they can catch their breath, here comes RGIII and The Skins. Washington
is 4 – 6 and knockin on the door just as hard as Dallas is, coming off of their 31 – 6
decimation of the Eagles.

This will be a tough division game that will be decided by a field goal. In these situations,
it’s nice to have points plus a half. The half could be the deciding factor.

New England Patriots – 6 at NEW YORK JETS

If this line was more then a touchdown, I might have gone the other way, but six points
is not enough for me. The Gronk injury is bad news for the Pats, but it won’t effect this
game’s outcome enough for me to take the Jets. New York looked solid against the
Rams, but sorry to say, that was the Rams. The Jets have one of the worst run defenses
in the league, and Stevan Ridley might not blow up necessarily, but he will control this
game. Gronk may not be there, but they will have Hernandez back. Welker will be giving
them fits as he usually does. Brady will be dinking and dunking up and down the field all
day, keeping the Jets meager offense on the sidelines.

Moreover, I find the Jets lack of preparation and organization during games to be their
biggest problems. Just look at what happens when Tebow comes in. They are confusing
themselves more then their opponents. Furthermore, look at how they showed up against
Seahawks coming off of the bye week. 28 –7, and it wasn’t even that close. Now they
come home on a short turnaround, with their season on the line? The Pats can’t wait to
end the Jets once and for all. This one will be over before you can warm up a turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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