Thursday, November 1, 2012

NFL WEEK 9 SPREAD PICKS By Richard Donohue (@floworcrash)

First and foremost, on the behalf of everyone at Sportswiseguy, I would like to send our condolences to anyone that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the site, please take a moment and be thankful. I am extremely lucky, as most of my neighbors are still without power. With that said, let’s get into Week 9!

Last week my picks were like a helpless receiver over the middle, I took a big blindside hit and couldn’t hang onto the ball! I went 1-2 and that puts me at the .500 mark. Green Bay’s offense didn’t put up the kind of numbers I expected against Jacksonville, a credit to their defense. And the Rams? Sheesh. I really thought they would be able to hang with the Patriots, regardless of what continent they played on. The Sportsbook may have rocked me, but I’m not going down yet.

Denver Broncos – 3.5 at CINCINNATI BENGALS

I think it’s safe to say that Peyton Manning is back. 17 TDs on 2,113 yards with only 4 INTs, and he still has plenty of season left. Manning has given the Broncos the 3rd best offense in the league, and it’s 4th best passing attack. They are tops in the AFC West and are not looking back. Now they go into Cincinnati where the Bengals are coming off the bye week looking to snap their 3 game losing streak. The Andy to A.J. connection has been exciting to watch, but little else has gone their way. No one on the Bengals receiving core has stepped up as the “second” reliable target for Dalton. Teams have figured out that if you take away Green, and let anyone else beat you, they probably won’t. Couple that with an anemic running attack led by Ben Jarvis Green Ellis, who is averaging less then 4 yards a carry on 125 attempts. The Broncos have a more balanced attack, and a superior Defense. If they were playing at Mile High, this line could be doubled easily.

Chicago Bears – 3.5 at TENNESSE TITANS

I hate the half point here but I’m still confident in the Bears. They still have one of the best “against the spread” records in the league at 4-2-1 overall. If we take a closer look at that record you will find they are 3-1-1 as a favorite and 2-1 as an away team. On the field, they have one the top Defenses in league, first overall against the rush. I actually like the Titans better with Hasselbeck under center, but their offense for better or worse still goes through Chris Johnson. Any dedicated fantasy player will tell you that CJ2K has been a disappointing bust since his 2011 holdout. However, he has come on as of late having two near 100 yard games sandwiching a monster 195 yard, 2 TD performance.
Nevertheless, the Titans still rank near the bottom in many offensive categories. The Bears have made some great offences look small this year, and the Titans are far from great.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1 at OAKLAND RAIDERS

Another virtual pick ‘em game involving the Silver n’ Black. This one is going to come down to something I believe the Raiders lack: heart. I love the toughness Greg Schiano has instilled in this team. If they don’t blow someone out (which they have done twice this year), they are extremely game and don’t make it easy. Last week they rolled into hostile Minnesota and worked them over. Doug Martin had his coming out party, totaling 200 yards of offensive himself. The Bucs have a great receiving tandem and Josh Freeman is proving to be more than capable, throwing 14 TDs already. The Raiders looked good last week, but everyone looks that way against the Chiefs. McFadden may get going against the Bucs at home, but I feel Tampa has enough to at least stay in it late and steal it.

Bonus Pick:

BYE WEEK –17 at New York Jets

Although the J-E-T-S are playing no one this week, I still think the BYE is going to run away with this one. Keep in mind, they have one of the worst looking offences in the game, and love to make key turnovers in big spots.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a huge Jets fan. Just wanted to tweak them a little since they looked ATROCIOUS against the fish last week. Let’s hope they can get their act together once the break is over.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the article. Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter. I love talking Pro Ball. Until next week, be safe out there.

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