Thursday, November 8, 2012

NFL WEEK 10 SPREAD PICKS By Richard Donohue (@floworcrash)

“Hope you listened,” I tweeted late Sunday afternoon. I was down last week but I struck back, hitting a big 3-0. I hope some of you made some cash out there. The Bears and Bucs ran away with their games, and although the Bengals made it a little interesting the Broncos took care of it. And how about that Doug Martin? Now that’s back-to-back unbelievable performances by a rising star. So now my record is 6-3, lets see if I can keep a hot hand going into week 10.

New York Giants – 4 at CINCINATTI BENGALS

Ok, The Giants haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire the past couple of weeks, but they were winning despite themselves. However, the magic ran out last week as the G-men collapsed in the 2nd half and lost at home to the Steelers. Manning played very poorly, the secondary looks very sketchy, and the tri-state area was thrown on its head thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Some teams need some “homecooking” to turn their fortunes around, but I believe a road trip is just what this team needs. This is rock bottom for The Giants but Manning and company has shown a knack for stepping up when the doubters were the loudest. Look at what they did against the Niners on the road. The Giants are sitting pretty atop the NFC East, but it’s too early to start taking their foot off of the gas pedal.

The Bengals are still a virtually one – dimensional team. The secondary got torched last week, but this is a perfect scenario for this unit to turn the page and make a statement. The Giants will be able to handle Green – Ellis no problem. Plus, Eli has to play better some time, why not now? You need to worry about conservative field goal kicking with the Giants, but I like them to finish this game up by at least a touchdown.

New York Jets + 6 at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS

I hope you weren’t trying to drink something while reading this. If you were, don’t worry, I’ll wait while you clean up.

All set? Ok.

Yes, I did tweak my team last week during the bye week with my  - 17 line, but this one for me is all about redemption. Everything about this game is screaming for you to take the Seahawks. The Jets have looked horrendous, they are rattled with injuries, and now have to travel across the nation to play in one of the loudest stadiums in the world.

Here’s the thing: The Jets, with all their hubris and finger wagging, are at deaths door. The AFC East is so weak that they still have a shot at the playoffs, but they need to start winning. This is their season. The coaching staff has had an extra week to prepare, and it looks like Joe McKnight and Eric Smith are back at full strength.

If the Jets don’t let Marshawn Lynch go off, which he could, the Jets will keep this one close enough to cover. This line opened at + 6.5 so I’m not the only crazy one out there. Take the Jets and watch your buddies’ faces.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – 3 vs. San Diego Chargers

Sometimes it’s just a matter of riding a hot hand. I know I went with them last week, but I still love ‘em. Last time the Buccos were home they lost a shootout to the Saints. Then they go on the road and destroy the Vikings and Raiders. Now they come home to face a weak San Diego team.

People thought “The Muscle Hamster” (he’s right, it’s a horrible nickname) Doug Martin peaked with his beastly performance against the Vikes. Then he makes history against The Raiders. You really can’t expect him to keep up this level of production, the Bolts are ranked forth in the league against the run. However, he will find enough success to keep them honest, and The Chargers aren’t nearly as great in the secondary. Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson have been overshadowed by Martin, but make no mistake they are just as hot.

Look for the Buccaneers to keep the ball rolling at home this week. 

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