Thursday, November 29, 2012

#NFL picks by @pacman453323

Well, it has been a few weeks since the last article. Between the blackout for 2 weeks, then taking a couple weeks to get things back in order, we now fast forward to week 13 in the NFL. This week follows up last week which has some close spreads, but without anymore waiting, let’s get to the picks.
Falcons over Saints – A few things stick out about this matchup, 1st, Thursday night games have been very good to RBs, 2nd, this game is Atlanta, and 3rd, nothing can be more motivating that losing to the same team just a couple weeks ago. Falcons -3.5
Bills over Jaguars – A game of 2 bad teams that are already evaluating players for next year. The Bills are the better team and at home, but Jacksonville should keep it close because Bills are horrible at stopping the run and Henne is better than Gabbert. Jaguars +6.5
Bears over Seahawks – Seattle is not the same team on the road as they are at home. Chicago is 1 of the top defenses in the league and even without Matt Forte, they can move the ball as long as Cutler is there. They do have to avoid injuries better than last week though. Bears -4.5
Lions over Colts – Detroit was hot before happening to run into Green Bay and Houston within a 5 day period. Indianapolis is fighting to get into the playoffs. However, this is just a gut feeling that Detroit is better, but it will be a FG type game. Colts +4.5
Packers over Vikings – Packers need to find some answers for their offensive line, which is why Minnesota could keep this close. However, Minnesota doesn’t have the pass rush of the Giants. Adrian Peterson will keep them within a touchdown. Vikings +9.5
Texans over Titans – Titans were embarrassed last week and their offensive coordinator, Chris Palmer, paid the price. They should be better on offense than they have shown, but this is the wrong week and the wrong defense to show it against. Texans -5.5
Panthers over Chiefs – Cam Newton sure can handle winning better than he can losing. The chiefs are a putrid team and they should be playing to try to get the top pick so they can draft their future franchise QB, they desperately need one. Panthers -3.5
49ers over Rams – A couple weeks ago this was the 1st tie in the NFL in 5 years. I think this game a message will be sent by the Niners. With newly appointed QB Colin Kaepernick starting, this team is now showing their offense is also pretty good also. 49ers -7.5
Patriots over Dolphins – New England proved my point from the last time they played the Jets. If they try to force passing, like in the 1st meeting, it would be close, but they ran the ball last week, and all of a sudden, a blowout. Amazing what a smart team can do. Pats -7.5
Jets over Cardinals –This may shock you, but I’m actually going to pick the dysfunctional family, known as the Jets, to win this week. However, I doubt they will win by more than a FG, I mean come on, it is the Jets. Cardinals +4.5
Broncos over Buccaneers – If this game was in Tampa Bay, I would have given some more thought to Tampa pulling off the upset, but it’s hard to pick against Manning at home when he’s facing a pass defense that is so bad. Broncos -6.5
Browns over Raiders – This is 1 of the 2 games that I really had a tough time deciding on. Both teams are bad, but I feel the Browns are trying harder. Rumors are McFadden maybe back this week, but he wasn’t exactly ripping the league apart before getting hurt. Browns +.5
Bengals over Chargers – This was the other game that was very hard for me to decide. I decided to go with Cincinnati purely because they have more to play for. Norv Turner should be fired and the loss last week may have clinched that decision. Bengals -1.5
Ravens over Steelers – There were rumors that Big Ben maybe back for this game, but I’m hearing that it is not likely. Ravens have not been good on defense this year, but I think Charlie Batch can make any defense look like the 85’ Bears. Ravens -6.5
Cowboys over Eagles – It amazes me how much better the Eagles should be than they are. The biggest issues are their offensive line and turnovers. They actually have the potential to win this game, but just like their previous games, turnovers should cost them the game late. Eagles +9.5
Giants over Redskins – The Giants currently look like the best team in football. The Redskins look like they have the potential to beat any team in the league. What happens when you’re between a rock and a hard place? You go with the defending Superbowl Champs. Giants -2.5
I’ll be back next week for week 14 picks in the NFL. You can reach me at the twitter handle @pacman453323, until next week, enjoy the games.

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