Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love/Hate by @JdLaw6

NFL FFB Love Hate



Tom Brady vs. Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins are fourth in the NFL against apposing running backs. The Patriots are still going to put up points and it won’t be on the ground.

Cam Newton vs. Chiefs
The Kansas City Chiefs are 26th in the NFL against the pass. Cam may not put up 30+pts like he did last week against the Eagles, but his potential for rushing yards and rushing touchdowns gives him the possibility to have another great week.

Matthew Stafford vs. Colts
Between Stafford’s average of 35+ attempts per week and the Colts inability to force turnovers, Stafford looks to be a good start this week. Not to mention that Megatron is back to his old ways of being a top two wide receiver in the league.


Josh Freeman vs. Broncos
The Broncos defense is 9th in the NFL against fantasy QBs only giving up an average of 14.8 points per game. That combined with Freemans ZERO touchdowns against the Falcons last week and that Champ Bailey will be shadowing Vincent Jackson all over the field makes for an unfavorable matchup for Freeman.

Jay Cutler vs. Seahawks
The Seattle Seahawks have the best secondary in the NFL and are #2 against opposing fantasy QBs. Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner & Earl Thomas will make sure Cutler will have a tough time this week finding Brandon Marshall, his #1 target.



Jamaal Charles vs. Panthers
After seeing how easily Bryce Brown tore through the Panthers defense last week, it seems that Charles will have the same output if given enough touches.

Trent Richardson vs. Raiders
Doug Martin and the Law Firm had big days against the Raiders, the worst fantasy defense in the league. Why should Trent Richardson be any different?

C.J. Spiller vs. Jaguars
What does Chan Gailey not see in the kid?? He is averaging 6.7 yards per carry and is only getting around 15 carries per game. The Jaguars are 28th in the NFL against opposing running backs. Hopefully Chan will feed him the rock this game.


Steven Ridley vs. Dolphins
See Tom Brady.

Marshawn Lynch vs. Bears
The Chicago Bears are 2nd in the NFL against opposing fantasy RBs. They have only giving up 3 rushing TDs all year, one of which was a garbage time TD from Chris Johnson.

Chris Johnson vs. Texans
The Houston Texans are tied with the Bears against opposing fantasy RBs. They have only given up 2 rushing TDs all year. I expect the Titans to fall behind early, throwing the ball in attempts to merely keep up.



Julio Jones & Roddy White vs. Saints
One will have a good game and one will have a monster game. I can’t tell you which one will do which but they are both solid plays this week.

Marques Colston vs. Falcons
Asante Samuel and Duanta Robinson are both banged up for this game. Colston will find the endzone at least one time, maybe more.

Wes Welker vs. Dolphins
Playing against his former team and no Gronk … See Tom Brady.


Vincent Jackson vs. Broncos
Jackson will be covered with Champ Bailey all day. I still believe he is a must start, I wouldn’t expect a big game.

Steve Smith vs. Chiefs
I feel the same way about Brandon Flowers as I do about Champ Bailey … Tough matchup.

Brandon Marshall vs. Seahawks
You have to start him, but it’s going to be tough against the big and physical Seattle secondary. He will most likely see coverage from both Sherman and Browner.



Jimmy Graham vs. Falcons
He had two TDs earlier in the year against Atlanta and always seems to find the end zone when playing the Falcons.

Brandon Pettigrew vs. Colts
Pettigrew gets plenty of targets and they can’t throw the ball to Megatron every time … Or can they?

Tony Gonzales vs. Saints
Gonzales had 122 yards and 2 TDs in their first meeting this year. The saints don’t have a single player than can cover him for four quarters.


Vernon Davis vs. It Doesn’t Even Matter
Since week 4, Davis only has 2 games with over 4 fantasy points. I have him on my team and I’m starting Mercedes Lewis over him this week.

Heath Miller vs. Ravens
No Big Ben – No start.

Dennis Pitta vs. Steelers
Don’t let his 10 fantasy points last week fool you. Flash in the pan.



Jets Defense vs. Cardinals Defense
Both have terrible offenses. Both have fairly good defenses. Mark Sanchez vs. Ryan Lindley. This should get ugly quick.

Bears vs. Seahawks
A rookie QB in Soldier Field equals another big day for the Bears Defense.


Broncos vs. Buchaneers
I have Josh Freeman and Vincent Jackson on my hate list but Tampa is going to score points regardless. Between Doug Martin, Dallas Clark, and Mike Williams, there are plenty of scoring options on the field.

Giants vs. Redskins
Its Simple … RG3.

Good Luck, God Speed, & GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Josh Lawrence

The Law




  1. Marshall is about to show Lynch what beast mode looks like at the WR position!

  2. Evan Silva says "Kansas City continues to stubbornly leave top CB Brandon Flowers at left corner on virtually every defensive snap. Steve Smith runs the majority of his routes versus RCBs, where much more burnable Jalil Brown and Javier Arenas play. Barring a dramatic and unforeseen change in the Chiefs' 'sides' philosophy, Smith will get arguably his most favorable matchup of the year in Week 13."