Monday, October 29, 2012

Who to Follow on Twitter to Win at #FantasyBasketball

Who to Follow on Twitter to Win at Fantasy Basketball

Psst, I have a secret for you. Come closer … closer … a little bit closer. Ok, back off buddy, your cologne stinks! Now I’ve got a headache. Anyway, today I’m going to give you the edge that you will need to win your league. Today I’m going to give you the gift of instant fantasy basketball information! Ever wonder where us fantasy writers get the information we quickly transmit to you? I can tell you I’m not in the arena before the game interviewing the coach or players. In fact, I’m usually sitting on my couch eating a bag of chips for dinner while I follow the guys who are actually in the arena. Right before game time, those guys tweet who is out that night, who is starting or some other useful information. Then I take their tweets and retweet them to you guys as quickly as I can. That’s what all us fantasy media guys do, we basically re-transmit important information from the guys in the arena so you can adjust your lineups accordingly and win! Most of the fantasy guys do a great job of it, too. However, what if you’re counting on me to get you important pre-game information and I decide to go to happy hour instead for a couple of $3 MGD drafts? You’re f’d and we can’t have you being f’d so today here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you the Twitter guys that are MUST follows for you fantasy basketball hoopsters, the guys that I follow. They are broken down into three categories, here goes:
1. NBA Beat Writers and Team Play-by-Play Announcers –  These are the guys that are in the arena doing the dirty work for us. They are the ones standing by the coach outside the locker room against the wall and as soon as the coach says Stephen Curry (random example!) is out tonight, they tweet it. Then guys like me retweet it to you. I’m happy to do it and will continue to do it but why go retail when you can just get the information wholesale? Am I right or am I right? Trick question! Anyway, I want to invite you to click here  on this little link to either subscribe to my Twitter NBA beat writers list or to go through the list and cherry pick for yourself who you’d like to follow. I care man, I want you to win!
2. NBA Teams and Public Relations guys  - These are the official Twitter feeds of the NBA teams and/or their public relations accounts. For pre-game injuries, scratches, line up changes, etc. I prefer the NBA beat writer guys but here you’ll get similar information and also you’ll usually get the starting lineups for the team and their opponent that night. You’ll also get other stuff not really fantasy related like team promotions, etc. but you have to take the good with the bad, those are the facts of life, said Tootie. Click here to subscribe  to my NBA Teams list or  feel free to go through the list and cherry pick which teams you’d like to follow. Did I mention I want you to win?
3. Fantasy Hoops guys - This is a list of fantasy hoops guys and other hoops media like Hoopsworld, etc. who don’t necessarily fall into the NBA beat writer category. Included on this list are guys like the Rotoinfo guys and my friends over at The Fake Basketball, Give Me the Rock, Rotoexperts, Rotoworld, etc. There are too many to list. Click here to subscribe to the list and win!
Lastly, if you’re not on Twitter I have to say you’re at a big disadvantage to your league mates who are. The great thing about Twitter is it has a wealth of instant information. It’s probably the best source of information for any topic if you know who to follow. So go, go, go and get on Twitter if you’re not already, you’ll thank me later. Also, for your desktop I recommend using TweetDeck. It allows you to organize all your tweets in columns under headings like Fantasy Hoops, NBA Beat Writers, NBA Teams etc. so all you see in each respective column are the pertinent tweets relating to the heading of that column. Basically, it allows you to cut out the clutter.
Did I mention I want you to win! I care. Sniff.

Written by Hecmanhoops


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