Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking Aim: Trade Talk

Let's Talk, I Got an Envelop Ready to Make a Deal

Darren McFadden-We're still buying McFadden and coming of a bye let's hope his owners are down on him.

Ryan Matthews-Even though he wasn't listed as the starter last week, Matthews got going. Expect him to take off starting now, try to get in on him while there's still some haze over the situation.

Darren Sproales-The Saints are on a bye week and Sproales had his worst game of the year. See if you can pawn off a WR3 for him.

Dez Bryant-Certainly has some issues, but that can contribute to owners giving up on him. Swoop in and see what it takes to grab him. 

Jordy Nelson-Has been a huge disappointment for owners to this point, so why not dabble in trade talks for him? His price shouldn't be too high, and with Greg Jennings still banged up, Nelson will break out sooner than later.

Mike Wallace-Not giving owners too much so far, a good time to see if you can add him to your team.

Eli Manning-Doing work, and without his full cast at WR. Good grab if you can upgrade at QB. 

I'm Listening, Make Me An Offer

Steven Jackson-Not too much upside left in his tank. Think packaging him in a deal to get you a RB with more upside.

Rashard Mendenhall-He looked great in his first game back, and owners may be willing to overspend to get him. He's solid, but durability is a concern, and it's possible that will be his best game of the year.

Mikel Leshoure-Had one good game, then got banged up and struggled in game two. The Lions had a bye week and we don't know what to expect from their running game. Think about moving him for a more secure back.

Andre Johnson-I never really trust Johnson on my team. He's one of the more overrated fantasy players in the league, and coming off the poor Monday night may have other owners thinking they can get a deal for him. You should listen.

Torrey Smith-Seems to be hit or miss in his second year. On the road, Joe Flacco struggles anyways, so it will be frustrating owning Smith moving forward. Look to cash out.

Hakeem Nicks-He'll miss more games, see if there's value out there as he's expected to return soon.

Cam Newton-Has regressed big time in year two, and the Panthers are awful. Look to move him.

Alex Smith-Coming off a big game, people are starting too overvalue Smith. He has a great matchup this weekend against the Giants, move him while he's hot.


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