Friday, October 5, 2012

Some #NFL thoughts!

Some NFL thoughts written by @agreatcall

I do think RG3 is already a solid QB, but he's played against some of the worst defenses in the league. His first four games have all come again teams that are terrible defensively. He's getting hit way too much, and he's not a big dude. He'll come back to earth when they get into that NFC East schedule and hopefully doesn't get hurt along the way. Just sold high on him in fantasy leagues too.

I think the most underrated story so far is the emergence of the Vikings. They are for real. While most pundits were hyping Jake Locker for the second year breakout QB tag, Christian Ponder has arrived. Beating the 49ers last week was eye-opening and they have it clicking on all phases. Special teams has been huge for them, and their defense is legit, plus their offense just got better with Jerome Simpson back from his four game suspension.

The Jets are a joke, and for that matter, I think the AFC East could be the worst division in football. If the Patriots lose any divisional games I would be surprised. Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow has a better rep that deserved. He went to Harvard so it seems he gets an all-time pass, but he sucks. The Dolphins could be the second best team in the division and their starting a rookie QB.

It's funny how un-hyped the Andrew Luck experience has been so far. 

The Mario Williams/Reggie Bush debate has resurfaced once again and I think it's a good debate. Williams appears to be a front runner who got paid and had the benefit of playing on a really good team defense in Houston. He sucks now. Reggie has rejuvenated himself over the last season and is a solid RB. I'll take Reggie.

Surprised at the lack of DOLO/Wisconsin affection for JJ Watt. He's arguable the best defensive player in the league already and is terrorizing offenses. I know I just said Mario Williams benefitted from playing on Houston, but I don't think there's anyone in the league that would take Williams over Watt. Watt is special.

Speaking of Houston, as long as they trot out Matt Schaub at QB, I can't take them too seriously. I see him collapsing in the playoffs this year in a big way.

The good news for Cleveland fans is that Trent Richardson is the real deal, I can't say the same for 28 year old rookie QB Brandon Weeden. I don't understand the infatuation with him. He's awful and why would you choose to build around someone with a relatively short life span?

A bit surprised at the Eagles sitting at 3-1 with some quality wins. Michael Vick is atrocious and either will get hurt or continue playing up and down, either way they'll fold at some point during the year. Their defense is better than their offense, and WR Jeremy Maclin is a mystery btw. He could be more of a headcase then DeSean Jackson. 

I'm convinced of two things with the Giants. They have no desire playing the regular season, case in point of Hakeem Nicks who is always shut down on a regular basis, and Eli Manning is the luckiest QB in the league. Half his throws are "up for grabs" and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Those around him make plays, not the other way around. 

Romo's five interception line from last night is comical. Jerry Jones has no idea how to put together a team, Dez Bryant clearly hasn't learned the playbook and they have a false bravado about themselves yet again this year. I also always wonder why Rob Ryan doesn't coach with his brother Rex? Twins that don't like each other, I suppose.

The Lions regressing has surprised me, thought they turned the corner last year. 

If the AFC east is the worst division, the NFC South isn't too far behind. I don't believe in Atlanta's 4-0 start, and Cam Newton is yet again annoying people in Carolina and around football with his self-promoting self (from right down to the annoying superman celebration, he really reminds of Dwight Howard).

 The Saints at 0-4 show how important coaching really is in the NFL. Teams have talent, but the weekly chess matches are often the under-the-radar battles that really win and loses games.

Arizona's defense is serious. If they had anyone breathing at QB and/or RB, they would have staying power, but their offense is too inept to compete all year long. The NFC West is an intriguing division, but SF is too tough to not come out on top.

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