Friday, October 12, 2012

Big Time & Small Time

Big Time & Small Time

Each week we'll talk to our guys around the country who are in the know and give you our exclusive players who will step up and be big time and the players who will shrink to small time.

Big Time

Our guys like Reggie Bush a good deal at home against the Rams...By all accounts, Mike Vick is going to have himself a big day at home vs. the Lions, start him...That also means, Jeremy Maclin finally shows up, and DeSean Jackson gets loose a few times, start them both if you own them...Trent Richardson is a must play now...Same game, while Andy Dalton is rolling, use him...The word is new Colts starter Vick Ballard could be the real deal, so give him the go...Dougie Martin is a must start in Tampa's matchup with Kansas City...Ride Jamaal Charles, of course...And Dwayne Bowe for that matter...Russell Wilson is a sneaky play and should put up numbers, but it take a lot of big ones to start him...Our guys like San Francisco players this week, Frankie Gore, Vernon Davis, and Mike Crabtree are nice options, even the newly resurged Alex Smith is startable...GB will have some big plays, roll the dice with Jordy Nelson & Randall Cobb...Arian Foster is always big time... The west coast fellas think it's Ryan Matthews time to break out big time, and we agree...Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas have a nice connection working, roll with them. 

Small Time

Our people don't love the Ravens/Cowboys matchup. Word is it's going to be a low scoring game...Steven Jackson is a sit these day and the Dolphins defense is legit...Matthew Stafford is a roll of the dice on the road in Philly...Be cautious with Detroit's running game, it isn't a good play in Philly...Everyone on the Jets is small time right about now...Darren McFadden isn't small time, but he could struggle against Atlanta's defense, be cautious with him...Our guys out in Scottsdale think the Cardinals are going to shut down Buffalo, that means Freddy Jackson and CJ Spiller are risky...Ryan Fitzpatrick and the passing game is always risky anyways, so be warned...Minnesota's defense is for real, I'd be concerned with RGIII's numbers in this one, even at home...Eli may fall back to earth a bit this week in San Fran, and Ahmad Bradshaw's numbers? Forgetta bout it...Willis McGahee is small time once again this week in San Diego. Look elsewhere.


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